Fix Corrupted MOV Videos on Windows

“I have SD card which consists 16GB of MOV video files, while transferring this MOV video files to my system which is Windows platform, in some distraction I suddenly turned off computer before all the videos were completely written on Windows system. Due to this, some of my important MOV video files stored in it […]

Guide to Repair Zip File Extraction Error

Most of you may be familiar with terms such as archive files, Zip files and compression of Zip files. An archive file is usually composed of more than one file along with its metadata. Zip is a popular archive file format that can be compressed without any loss of data (lossless data compression). The main […]

Tool for Recovering Pictures from HTC Desire

HTC Desire is a series of smart phones launched by HTC Corporation and different versions of HTC Desire mobile phones launched by HTC Corporation are HTC Desire 601, HTC Desire 816g, and HTC Bravo and so on. HTC Desire smart phones allows its users to perform several tasks like capturing photos, recording videos, browsing etc. […]

Recover Formatted Digital Camera Memory Card

Losing valuable photos from Memory card will be the most disappointing thing that happened which is caused by various reasons. Photos are captured by camera with high intensity and admiration. Nowadays most people have the digital camera and carry digital camera whenever they going for some special place or occasion they click as much photos […]

Fix the Issue of Word Cannot Start Converter Mswrd632

Have you ever experienced an error while trying to open Office Word file, which showing that ‘Word can’t start the actual converter mswrd632.wpc’? What type of error is actually this? This error harms the Word files. You struggle to open as well as view the Word documents. After performing some online investigation on this I […]