Android Music Recovery Tool

Android mobiles are famous multimedia gadgets used all over world for capturing videos, listening music, etc. you can also make use of these devices for communicating with friends, colleagues, relatives and associates. These awesome multimedia devices capable of playing various audio file types like MP3, WAV, AMR, RM and many more.

In market there are many versions of Android mobile phone, if you have Android mobile then you will be interested to have collection of good music files to make use of them in leisure time. It will be worrying situation, if you lose all music file from your Android mobile due to any unwanted circumstances. These unwanted circumstances may happen due to some human mistake like as you may accidentally delete music files instead of deleting the one, which you do not want.

Deletion of audio files from Android mobiles may also happen due to virus contamination. Harmful viruses may get into your Android mobile while downloading files from internet sites or by copying data from another Android mobile that is infected with harmful viruses and malwares. If these harmful viruses infect your music files stored in your Android mobile then, they will delete the file pointer of songs from file system of storage unit of Android mobile. Hence, in such situation unknowingly you will lose the music files from Android phone.

Apart from human mistakes, you may lose music files due to third party antivirus application. When you connect your Android to your personal computer protected with antivirus application then, it will check for virus infection from mobile storage units. If music files are infected with viruses and malware then it will surely delete all the infected files from Android mobile.

Hence encountering music file deletion from Android mobile, you will be definitely searching for exclusive software that can recover music files from Android mobile internal storage memory. If you are one of the Android mobile users and have lost music files due to all above mentioned music deletion scenarios then, surely you don’t have to worry anymore. Considering every data lose scenarios, software developers have programmed inimitable Android music recovery software, which solve almost all data deletion and lose issues.

Some of the outstanding features of Android music recovery software are:

  • Android music recovery tool is designed with special techniques that scan both internal and external memory of Android mobile and retrieves deleted music files from it.
  • Other than music file recovery, this application helps you recover various other categories of media files deleted or lost from Android mobile such as video clips, image files, animation files, etc. To have information on how to recover deleted video from Android phone, visit
  • It is obvious that Android mobiles are also capable of using document types like DOC, DOCX, PPT, XML, etc. In case you lose these documents from your Android mobile then, you can make use of this application to retrieve them from Android mobiles without any problem.
  • It also supports recovery of music files from various external storage devices like SD mini, SD micro, MMC, CF cards and many more used in Android mobiles.
  • You can preview of recovered music file to ensure it correct working.

Note: If you are satisfied with result and performance of this application then purchase full version.

Efficient Way to Restore Data from Reformatted Windows Disk

In certain situations, you might want to alter the file system of a particular hard drive partition associated with your computer.  For this purpose, you can make use of third party utility to change the file system, say from FAT16 drive to NTFS drive on one of your Windows hard disk partition. Where you change file system from older version to latest or vice versa. After reformatting, all your data kept on your computer hard drive is erased and now your drive is completely empty. Before altering the file system from FAT16 to NTFS, it is highly recommended to take back up of stored data but unfortunately you have not taken it. Now, you are really worried after losing some vital data from hard drive after reformat.

As mentioned before, reformatting is practice of erasing entire data from hard drive in order to increase performance of your system. Once reformatted, the hard disk becomes fresh like factory condition when you bought your system for the first time. Let’s know the reasons why reformatting is done, which results in loss of data from the drive.

Common reasons for reformatting the drive

  • During reinstallation of operating system: Due to certain requirements, you may reinstall Windows operating system from older version to newer version, here reformatting of active partition is  necessary. It is done in order to fix any errors caused by old file system with new operating system or to avoid compatibility errors, which improves the overall performance of system.
  • Corruption issues: If your file system is corrupted or damaged due to various reasons then to bring back your hard drive data or partition to previous working condition, you have to reformat the inaccessible partition.

In case, you are facing any of the above stated issues, no need to worry!!! As Windows Recovery software is capable enough to solve your issues in few clicks of mouse. To know how to get back data using this recovery software, watch this video:

Salient features of Windows Recovery Software

Windows Recovery software has strong mechanism, which scans your entire drive for erased or lost data within short span of time. If you have reformatted your drive and not taken back up of your data, then utilize this software and retrieve your data saved on the drive without missing anything. It has the capacity to recognize and restore files up to 300 file types namely zip files, documents, email archives, spreadsheets and others. This software only recovers data from reformatted Windows disk but also restores data from hard disks having bad sectors.  You should act fast in order to get back your data saved on your drive after reformatting your hard disk. With help of this software, you can recover data from various file systems like NTFS, EXFAT, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS5 after reformatting. The software is self explanatory with simple graphical interface, which recovers data from Windows hard disk having operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 8 and Windows 2003.

Best Software to Recover data from Portable Drives

FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery

Consider a situation when you want to format a particular drive from your home computer and you are not aware that your FreeAgent Goflex portable drive is connected to your computer.  You quickly select your FreeAgent Goflex portable drive without your knowledge and format it. Once it’s formatted, you realize that you have formatted the wrong drive instead of formatting your computer drive.  Now, all your personal data on the portable drive is lost due to one such mistake.

When you experience such issue, don’t be scared of losing your data from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive. All you need is good FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery application which can be installed on your system to recover all your lost files from portable drive. Before knowing how to get back your lost files, let’s see some of the reasons how data is lost or deleted from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive.

Reasons due to which data is loss or deleted from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive

  • Deletion using Shift+Delete keys: You want to delete some personal photos from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive without reaching Recycle Bin; you just use Shift+Delete keys to delete them permanently.
  • Third Party Tools: When you download some files from internet, you are not aware whether they are infected or not. So, you use third party antivirus to scan your entire portable drive to stay away from virus. Sometimes, third party tools delete your files which are attacked by virus without your knowledge and when you look for those files you don’t find them.
  • Abrupt pulling FreeAgent Goflex portable drive: When you are transferring documents from computer to portable drive, you quickly disconnect the portable drive during transfer process thinking that those documents have been transferred. This abrupt pulling of portable drive may result in inaccessible documents when you try opening them.

Apart from the stated reasons, there are others reasons like improper shutting down system when portable drive is connected, virus infection, etc due to which files get lost or even portable drive becomes inaccessible. For any of the stated problems, you can use this FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery application designed for such intentions. To check out this software, visit this link:

Features of FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery

This powerful application retrieves lost or deleted data from inaccessible FreeAgent Goflex portable drive. It is not only possible to recover data from portable drive that got deleted using Shift+Delete keys but also recovers data deleted using command prompt. With the help of this application, you can get back deleted files from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive having different file systems like FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS, FAT16 and NTFS5 portable drives. It retrieves wide range of files namely excel files, zip files, documents, email archives and many more from memory cards, iPods, external USB drives, etc.You can retrieve deleted or missing media files from portable drives namely HP, Kingston, Samsung and others without missing any file. It is malware free application which can be installed on Windows OS like Vista, XP, 2003, 8, 2007, 7 and Mac OS like Lion, Snow Leopard and so on.

Ultimate Way to Recover Deleted Files from Android

Nowadays many of the smart phones and tablets run on Android operating system. It is developed by Handset Alliance which is led by Google. Smart phones and tablets produced by Motorola, Micromax, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and others run on Android platform. Because of the extensive increase of the use of these Android devices, loss of data from Android has become a critical issue. Loss of data instant can occur at any instant of time which is caused due to human errors or technical errors while using the device. Sometimes you might have lost your favorite pictures deleted from Android device due to simple mistake caused after improper handling.

Malware attack in one of the serious hazard to the files stored on Android device. When you are downloading any files from the internet these viruses gets attacked to the downloaded files and spreads all over the system. They replicate themselves at faster rate and spread to all the files. If the single file gets infected by these harmful viruses, they spread to digital camera memory card when you connect it to virus infected system to transfer data. It makes the file inaccessible and sometimes deleted the file. Don’t worry it is possible to recover deleted files android by using the best deleted files recovery software.

Some of the other scenarios for deletion of files from Android

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes you might have deleted some of the files accidentally while erasing some of the unwanted file from Android memory. Also if you don’t have the copy of the data that you want to access those deleted data from it.
  • Quick format: Quick format deleted an entire data on the drive of the device within a short period of time. When you are about to scan the Android device on the system by mistake if you click on quick format option then it leads to lose of important data from the drive.
  • Cut and paste operation: You use cut and paste commands for transferring files from camera memory card to the system drive. If you execute this cut and paste operation incorrectly then it will result in deletion of precious data from the Android device.

There will be numerous reasons for the deletion of data from the Android device other than the above mentioned scenario. But there is possibility of recovering all those deleted files from the Android by using android recovery software that effectively restores all the data.

Some of the features of the recovery software are mentioned below

  • This recovery software supports to recover deleted photo files of different formats like JPEG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP and PSD from Android,
  • It has an ability to get back RAW image formats such as NEF, ARW, SR2, ORF, KDC, RAF, DNG, CR2, CRW, PEF, etc from modern digital cameras.
  • It is also possible to restore deleted files when card on Android gets corrupted or becomes inaccessible due to number of causes.
  • By using this software it is possible to perform file recovery from MMC, XD card, CF card, Memory Stick, SD card to restore deleted pictures, videos and music files.

You can download the free demo version of this recovery software from the internet to evaluate its recovery results. If satisfied with its performance you can purchase its licensed version with reasonable price and then save the recovered results.