How to Perform Android Picture Recovery Program

Android offers the best platform for the mobile application that is specially built for Smart phones and tablets. Android applications are released under the license of Apache. Android tool has empowered with many of the advanced features and it needs to pay proper attention while operating these devices. Like other storage devices Android device are also prone to deletion of the picture files stored on it as a result of simple mistakes caused after improper handling. There are many harmful viruses which make all the files and folders stored on the Android SD card corrupt.

To make free from those harmful viruses you make use of the third party application software like antivirus application. Sometimes if the pictures stored on the Android SD card are found to be infected then the pictures on the Android device gets deleted by antivirus program. However, it doesn’t mean that deleted photos ser gone forever. Still there is an opportunity for you to get back all those deleted pictures. All you need to do is just employ a proficient android picture recovery to recover deleted pictures from Android device.

Some of the factors responsible for the deletion of pictures from Android

  • Inadvertent deletion: Picture files can be deleted from Android inadvertently while you are deleting some of the unwanted pictures from the Android device you delete some of the precious pictures. If you do not have the backup of those deleted pictures then you will loss those files.
  • OS corruption: Android Operating System gets corrupted and due to which the pictures stored on the device will be lost along with some other files. In such instance Android may not work properly and you will lose all the pictures.
  • “Delete all” option:  This is the most frequent and silliest mistake that human does. Sometimes you accidentally click on the “Delete all” option on our Android mobile phone and thereby loose all our cherished pictures.
  • Unintentional formatting: Sometimes when you connect an Android device on your system suddenly it displays an error message stating “Disk needs to be formatted” and you are left with no other option than formatting. As a result of this unwillingly you format the Android storage device that leads to loss of plenty of precious pictures.

There are many other numerous other reasons by which you loss pictures from the Android device by deletion. If this is the situation then don’t be panic be cool because here you get an opportunity to recover all those photos by using android recovery software that retrieve deleted photos from android.

Some of the features of this recovery software

  • Android Picture Recovery Software helps you to retrieve pictures on Android and also helps you to recover files like PNG, TIF, JPEG, JPG, GIF, etc. including the RAW image files.
  • By using this software you can restore the lost files and sorts the particular photo file based on their file type or signature.
  • It has ability to Android application package files (.apk) along with other media files like photos, music, videos files.
  • You can get back pictures from different brands of phones having Android OS like Samsung, Spice, HTC, Sony, LG, etc.

This will be the best recovery tool that you can download its free demo version from the internet to evaluate its results. If you are satisfied with its result then you can purchase its licensed version to save those recovered pictures.