Perfect Way to Restore Memory Card Data

A memory card is an electronic data storage device which can be accessed quickly and used in various electronic devices like smartphones, digital cameras, mobile phones and music players. It is an efficient storage device compare to CD and floppy disks due to this speed of reading/write operation. You can efficiently store various files including media files such as digital videos, music files, photos and application files on the memory card. It is available in markets with different storage capacity. In spite of its processing speed and portability feature, it has some data loss issues due to various reasons that can be briefed as follows,

Common Data Loss Scenarios on Memory Card  

  • Sometimes, you may accidentally erase your important files while deleting some useless files from memory card by connecting to a computer through the card reader.
  • While previewing files on your digital camera or mobile phone, you may delete files by clicking “Delete All” option from memory card.
  • While scanning your memory card by using updated antivirus tool some virus infected files may get deleted without your knowledge,
  • Interruption during file relocate from memory card to PC like unexpected power failure, improper ejection of memory card etc. result in severe data loss on the memory card.
  • Files may get lost due to various reasons like accidental formatting and virus attack.

You can overcome these data loss scenarios by utilizing this dominant recovery software called Undelete Memory Card tool which uses its outstanding built-in scanning mechanism which can scan your memory card thoroughly and recover memory card data in very short time duration.

Why Undelete Memory Card Tool?

  • You can recover files from memory cards and also from external storage devices like pen drive and external USB drives which can format with any file systems structure like FAT16 and ExFAT.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Therefore you can undelete data from memory card in all the popular Windows versions named Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP and Mac versions like Yosemite and Snow Leopard.
  • It recovers various media file format extension such as pictures such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. videos like MOV, MP4, AVI, 3GP etc.
  • You can get back data from various memory card types like Multi Media Card (MMC), xD card, SD card, CF card.
  • For an evaluation purpose, you can preview your undelete data before saving them to the desired memory location in a trial version itself.

Some Precautionary Methods to Avoid Data Loss in Future:

  • Try to avoid often usage memory card on different electronic gadgets often.
  • Don’t remove the memory card from any electronic gadgets while transferring data.
  • Before deleting useless data, confirm that you are not selecting any important files by mistake for deleting.

Easy Steps to Undelete Memory Card

  • Download, install and launch Undelete Memory Card tool in your desktop or laptop. Connect your memory card to the system via the card reader. In a home screen choose “Recover Photos” option. Next screen select “Recover Deleted Photos” then click “Next”.
  • Now choose your memory card among various drives. After selecting memory card can get scanned thoroughly.
  • After completion of scanning, deleted or lost files can be recovered and you can preview the recovered files. Then choose preferred memory location to save undelete data.