Accidentally Deleted Photos from Motorola Atrix

Motorola Atrix Smartphone and tablets are popular Android devices installed with Android operating system. Android operating system is also installed on many Smartphone and mobile phone brands such as Nexus, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, etc. Motorola Atrix helps mobile user to capture photos and videos and share with all relatives and friends by making use of internet.

Utilizing Motorola Atrix mobile phones you can also download photos of your interest as a collection in internal or external storage memory of Motorola Atrix phone. You can view photos stored in Motorola Atrix phone without any lag. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete images from image gallery. While browsing images or you select some unwanted files and delete but later you may get to know that while selecting unwanted photos from image gallery, you have selected and deleted some of your important photos accidentally.

Common image deletion scenarios:

  • Deletion due to virus infection: Attack of deadly viruses and spyware can alter the header file of photos, due to which the photos stored in storage of Motorola Atrix phone may get corrupt and the corrupted images will not be viewed in Android mobile phone image gallery which in turn results in image deletion.
  • Header file deletion: Deletion of header file of images due to sudden removal of Motorola Atrix phone while transferring images to computer system or due to abrupt shut down of Motorola Atrix phone while viewing snapshots from gallery will result in image loss scenario.
  • Unintentional firmware update: every now and then Android Inc keeps on releasing firmware updates for all the android devices. at this instance if your Motorola Atrix mobile phone is connected with WIFI internet connection then Motorola Atrix phone will get update automatically, if you have not taken backup of  all files saved in these mobile then entire data will get deleted.

Considering all image loss or deletion scenarios industry experts developed software, which is well rated by all the users around the world based on technical performance. This efficient application scans every single memory segment of both internal and external storage memory of Motorola Atrix phone and recovers many photo file types in fraction of time. This awesome application not only has potential to recover deleted photos from Motorola Atrix but also provides support to various types of Android Mobile phone brands. This application effectively recovers images lost or deleted from various Android versions such as Android Jellybean, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Donut, Kitkat, Eclair and many more without any problem.

This effective Android image recovery application gets back photos even from External storage devices like SD card, MMC, SD mini, SD micro, and many others. You can setup this application on various Windows OS based desktop and laptops. To save the recovered images from Android Motorola Atrix phone, you must activate this application to complete edition.