Android Phone Freeze Up

Is your Android phone freezing? Got the Android phone which is not responsive, slow performing, responding incorrectly or else you forgot the password? Are you annoyed with Android phone freeze up issues? If your Android phone freeze up and is exhibiting a persistent issues with the applications and screens then you must perform a Factory reset on your device to restore all the original software and settings. Android operating system has been installed with the rollback features which enable you to return the device to factory defaults. You are lucky because here in this article you get a description of the pretty powerful options to reset your Android phone.

How to perform factory reset data on Android phone

To do factory reset data on Android phone, Press menu option from your Android phone, Go to Setting app and then scroll down and click privacy and tap on Factory Data Reset option. In case if you want to clear off your Android phone completely you can check erase internal storage option. Select Reset All Settings. This option resets your phones settings but it also preserves the data you have on your Android phone.

Some of reasons which might cause your Android phone to freeze are mentioned below

  • By running several applications or many tasks at one time
  • Keeping Android external memory full
  • By using heavy themes on standby mode and not deleting the cookies, log files and caches
  • Installation of too many applications on the Android phone
  • Installation of the applications in the Android phone memory rather than installing it on the external memory i.e., on memory card and keeping the internal memory, RAM full
  • By running heavy applications on low memory.

Some of the safety measures to be followed to avoid freezing of Android phone

Do not run any of the application which doesn’t seem to be supported by your Android phone like variation in screen resolutions or running a applications which are compatible with the higher operating system. Install a smart antivirus package which is updated to recent version on your Android phone because if your device is infected with the viruses then it automatically slows down and cause fatal damage to the software. Always free up the memory of the Android phone by deleting eBooks, songs, apps, videos, images, old messages, and other files which are not necessary and also delete unnecessary cookies and cache files. Do not run heavy applications if the Android phone does not host enough RAM.

How to Resolve Android Phone Freezing Issues

If you are not succeeded in resolving Android phone freezing up problem by the above mentioned manual method then use this Android maintenance utility to resolve android phone freeze up issues. This software is designed with user friendly interface which provides you a great help even for an amateur user. If you have an Android phone which freezes on start then you can employ this software to overcome freezing issues.