Android Recovery Software

Android is a free and open source OS which is based on Linux. Android device is widely used in Smartphone and tablets like HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Google, etc by many of the people to store their valuable data. Presently Android occupies 80% of the global Smartphone system in market share. On other words every four phone users, there are three in using this Android phone.

Because of many situations, you often suffer with loss of files from Android devices like Android mobile phone, tablet PC and other Android technology based devices. This is actually incredible, even though along with the high speed development of Android devices, it seems that some potential file loss issues also close to other. For an example, formatting, deletion, restoring to factory settings, flashing a ROM, rooting, etc all these factors can result in loss of files from Android devices. But the one thing you must know that when any file is lost from your Android device it does not lose forever until it is overwritten by other new files.

Have you lost important files from an Android device? Want to recover files from Android device? Don’t worry here is a best recovery solution, Android file recovery software helps you in recovering files from any Android devices. Android recovery software helps in recovering lost or deleted files quickly and easily. Android recovery software is designed especially with advanced scanning technology that effectively scans an entire drive to get back all the files. This software not only supports in recovering contacts, messages which are recently removed directly from Android OS but also the other photos, videos taken from Android camera and saved on the memory card on your Android device. Whatever might be the file which you lost from the Android device, this software supports in restoring all the files in a few clicks.

Other reason that results in loss of files from Android device are mentioned below

  • Dangerous Virus or Spyware attack.
  • Android Smart phone displaying an error as “Unsupported File System” or “Black Media” on memory card.
  • Mishandling of Android phone like switching of mobile phone abruptly.
  • Removal of SD card from Android device improperly can also cause file system to corrupt.
  • Corrupted BOOT or FAT area.
  • Corruption of Memory card
  • Sudden corruption of operating system.

Why to use this android recovery software

Android recovery software is powerful and sophisticated software dynamically scans both internal and external phone memories of the device to recognize lost or deleted Android data including the Android application package file i.e. (APK) file. This software recovers files in a safe and secure location which can be accessed easily. Effectively supports all Android devices and is compatible with almost all versions of Windows OS. Want to know how to recover files from Android phone then click here-

Important tips

  • Do not eject the memory card during the process of data transfer between Android device and PC
  • Never use same memory card on different portable devices
  • Do not restore the Android device to its factory settings on regular basis