Fitbit: The Leading Smartwatch Maker

The use of smartwatches is increasing day by day. It is used for various purposes like for making phone calls, messages, sending images, etc. Every smartphone makers are now try to expand their technique in wearable devices. International Data Corporation (IDC), releases quarterly figure on sales of wearable tracking devices last week. It shows that Fitbit continued their first position with 22% of the market share. When Apple announced their first wearable device, it seems that this device might go beyond all. But among various smartwatch makers Fitbit held on top. Apple watch has mostly hurt other smartwatch makers including Samsung which drop down of top five position.

Fitbit: The Leading Smartwatch Maker

There are various factors which lead Fitbit success. The main reason behind this is its retail distribution process. The company has excellent retail distribution, along this company expand its field outside US also. The latest product, Fitbit Surge and Fitbit charge is also selling well. This company signing a big deal that gives fitness devices to their employees. It includes almost 335,000 workers in this program.

When we talk about Apple smartwatches, the company is doing quite well and this is due to its affordable Sport line. The release of Apple OS2 watch is also the reason behind the downfall in various smartwatches. Apple smartwatch is one of the main reason behind the downfall of Samsung smartwatch, in result of this Samsung smartwatch fell out from top five in this quarter. Apple OS2 has built in capabilities which allows different apps to take better advantage, this helps in growing your interest on Smartwatches.

Xiaomi which is one of the leading Android smartphone maker in china, surfing third position in the list of International Data Corporation. You can take Xiaomi Smartwatches in just $15. This company is growing very quickly around the globe and it offers very interesting contrast to Apple as well. China which is the fastest growing market of Smartwatches and it leads company to compete with various feature sets and on price value.

34% of the Smartwatch market shares hold by other small industries. This shows that Fitbit is going to get more challenge from other smart wrist watch makers in coming years. Google is also releases its smartwatch operating system which doesn’t taking off. Sometimes Corporate Wellness Program offers some financial incentives to the people to use these devices. It’s a great market win for Fitbit which consistently with its position when there is downfall in the Smartwatches.

How To Optimize Your PC Games’ Graphics Settings In One Click

Most PC games have plethora of graphics settings that makes the perfect combination between performance and quality. NVIDIA and AMD apps will help you more with this in just one click.

You can optimize your games’ graphics for your particular hardware with some of the apps which are mentioned below:

1: For NVIDIA Cards: GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience uses the power of the NVIDIA cards to provide optimal game settings customized to your PC. It keeps your drivers up to date and automatically optimizes your game settings. With a single click, optimize your game’s graphics. When you start up GeForce Experience, first of all it will scan your library (which games are compatible for your PC). To optimize it, just click on it in the left sidebar and then select the Optimize button. After selecting optimize button you are ready to start playing.nvidia_geforce_experience_1

System Requirements:

General System Requirements

Operating System:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8, 8.1, 10,
  • Windows XP SP3


  • 2GB system memory

Internet Connectivity: Required

Display Resolution: Any display with 1024×768 to 3840×2160 resolutions

Disk Space Required:

  • 20MB minimum

Supported Hardware:


  • Intel Pentium G Series, Core 2 Duo, Quad Core i3, i5, i7, or higher
  • Athlon II, Phenom X4,AMD Phenom II, , FX or higher

2: For AMD Cards: Gaming Evolved

AMD graphics cards are cutting edge with modern technologies that deliver ultimate performance and astonishing intelligence. It automatically adjusts your graphics settings for optimal performance on your PC. When you start up AMD Cards: Gaming Evolved, first of all it will scan your library (which games are compatible for your PC). To optimize it, just click on it in the left sidebar and then select the Optimize button. After selecting optimize button you are ready to start playing.amd_gaming_evolved_1

System Requirements:

Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 or Linux

To profile OpenCL™ applications:

  • AMD APP SDK v2.7 or later
  • [GPU device] AMD Radeon™ HD 4000 series or newer
  • [GPU device] AMD Catalyst with OpenCL™ GPU support (12.4 or newer)

To profile Direct Compute applications:

  • Microsoft DirectX run-time (June 2010 or later)
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 5000 series or newer

Difference between SSD and HDD

SSD (Solid state drive): A solid state drive or solid state disk is a solid state storage device that uses integrated circuit. It provides substantial benefits over traditional hard drives.

HDD (Hard disk drive): HDD’s were firstly introduced by IBM in the year 1956. HDD can store data for a long period of time and capable of storing huge amount of data cheaply.


Difference between SSD and HDD: There are many differences between SSD and HDD. Some of them are explained below.

  1. AS compared to HDD, the prices of SSD are very expensive.
  2. HDD has large capacity for storing data (for desktop- 6TB) while in SSD you can store maximum 1 TB data in desktop.
  3. Battery life of SSD is more as compared to HDD.
  4. There is no noise in SSD because there is no spinning part but due to moving parts and audible clicks HDD can be heard.
  5. Due to spinning of platters, HDD can be vibrated while there is no any vibration in SSD.
  6. File copy or write speed in SSD is 200 MB/s and up to 500 MB/s while in HDD, speed of copy of files are 50 MB/s to 120 MB/s.
  7. File opening speed of SSD is 30% faster than HDD.
  8. There are chances of erase of data due to magnets while SSD is safe and there is no any chance of data erase in SSD.
  9. Average time between failure rates of SSD is 2.0 million hours while mean time between failure rates of HDD is 1.5 million hour.
  10. Heat produced by HDD is higher as compared to SSD because of moving parts.
  11. Boot time of operating system is around 10-13 sec in SSD while in HDD boot time is approximately 30-40 sec.

SSD’s are good when:

  • If you are looking for a faster performance
  • If you have no issue of limited storage capacity

HDD’s are good when:

  • When you don’t want to spend more money.
  • If you have no issue of the system boot time then you can go with HDD (Takes 30 to 40 second).
  • Looking for a large storage capacity then go with HDD. HDD can store up to 6 TB data and newly launched HDD can store up to 10 TB data.

Tool to Repair Damaged Video File

video repair toolsDamn again! That’s what my reaction was when my movie clip stuck in between. Isn`t it occurs to all of us?

Bad quality video, flickering and blurred images are the common symptoms of a damaged video file. This gives unpleasant experience overall and left us annoyed.

There could be many reasons for a disruptive video file and you can diagnose them by using tools. But it is better to have a little background knowledge of video files before you go for video repair tools.

This post is dedicated to enhance a little knowledge about video files and recommended tool for repairing video files.

A video file is collection of images, audio and other data. Video file format contains following information-

  • A container type: All the video files are formulated to store some kind of data which may differ based on the extension type. AVI and QuickTime MOV are two examples of container types.
  • The video and audio signal: This is the actual video and audio data. It contains information’s such as frame size, aspect ratio etc.
  • A Codec: Codec refers to the software that is used to encode and decode the video signal. Video applications use a codec to write the file and to read it. It may be built-in to the program, or installed separately.

Visit here to know more about video file format. However, other than mentioned formats there are some RAW formats also which are used only for high end commercial purpose.

A video file is more prone to any kind of corruption or damage as codec is not yet that much advanced that last for long readability uses. A video file can get damaged because of minor issues, for instance if you left a video file untouched for a long time.

Corrupt video files create problems like audio lagging behind video track, still video, blurred images and many more. These problems might cause due to a physical or logical malfunction.

While physical malfunction are tougher to diagnosed on the other hand logical issues can be fixed with suitable tools.

Bad driver installation, incomplete downloaded video file, malfunctioned video player, damaged or broken video codec, broken or missing header information and virus or Trojan attack might comes under logical issues.

If these issues manage to survive for a long time then complete breakdown of video file is unavoidable. So it is better to get diagnosis tool ASAP.

Here’s a Video file repair software repairs the video file by joining the missing traces. The software scans through the file to determine the possible damages and repairs according to the predetermined strategies. Refer here to know more:

Video Repair Tool is best suited for fix corrupt MP4, MOV, XVID videos etc. This tool repairs audio and video file side by side and gives a smooth and healthy video file.

Video repair tool is efficient enough to repair video files which are corrupted due to CRC errors, missing info in header area, and even broken codec. It can repair latest version of MPEG video files stored on hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, iPods etc. The tool occupies a small area in the free space and comes with lifetime support.

How To Repair AVI Files On Mac And Win Computers?

AVI is a multimedia file format configuration developed by Microsoft. AVI files display high video quality at small file size. These high quality files contain video and audio file codec’s, which stores the files digitally. AVI files can be opened on any video players like, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player and also on web based storage gadgets like Google Drive.

In spite of that, these AVI files has many advantages like, AVI file formats are developed by windows, which makes playable on all major versions of Microsoft and Mac operating systems. Playable disks and DVDs can also be created using this AVI file format in order to store initial audio or video information, this AVI file format is most commonly used video format on all short movies, promos and advertisements due to its compression abilities and so on. But the main drawback of this AVI file is, there will be loss of video quality if you try to compress AVI files beyond certain extends. But due to some reasons this AVI files may get corrupted. This is one of the most common problems faced by many users. Also this automated videos and photos gets accidentally corrupted or damaged because of some errors occurrences. In such cases some of these files become inaccessible on some media players, which are saved already. Under such situations you can repair AVI files by using reliable file repair software.avi repairBefore fixing repaired AVI file, let’s see some reasons for AVI file corruption.

  • If any error occurs while converting AVI files to any other file format, then there will be some chances of AVI files being corrupted. If such things happen to AVI files then, there is no manual approach to repair such issues.
  • Using any unreliable or inadequate media players to play AVI files, this causes complete damage to these AVI files.
  • Due to some external attack like virus, spyware or malware. Because of this your AVI files will be infected
  • Due to its high quality, these AVI file has more size.So to reduce the space on drives, people may use some unauthorized software to compress AVI videos. This makes your AVI files to get corrupted.
  • AVI Files also get corrupted, if there is any sudden shut down of your PC while accessing AVI files.

In order to overcome all the above issues, just opt for a promising repair tool to repair AVI files in simple steps.

Some features of this AVI File repair software:

  • This tool repairs corrupted or damaged AVI, DivX and XviD file format which don’t play properly or don’t play at any cost
  • This programmed AVI files can be played on all versions of windows and Mac operating systems
  • This File Repair software never deals with quality of video i.e. the way where AVI video files stays constant even after fixing AVI video files.
  • AVI file repair software successfully repairs damaged or corrupted files which are saved on memory cards, FireWire drives, Pen drives, USB hard drives, External hard drives etc.

By using the trial version of this AVI repair software, you can preview your repaired files. This assists you to analyze the repair tool performance before purchasing it. This application additionally supports devices like Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, USB’s, and so on. Just find how to repair AVI files, download it and introduce to your PC and start using this app to fix all your corrupted AVI files easily.

Here’s How iMovie File Repair Can be Made Easy

Video file is one of the media file which contain both listening and watching of the digital data. In the video file, digital data is stored which can make the users in easy way of understanding the concept of the data. To develop the quality of the video file, many different applications were developed by the Apple team to edit the video file and can change as per the requirement of the users. Which ever were developed this team has updated the unique feature which helps in improving the quality of the video file. Now let us see one of the applications.

Out of all the different applications, iMovie is an amazing video viewing and editing application developed by Apple Inc. Like other Apple products, even iMovie application is well supported on Mac Operating System. So, you can sync Apple devices to it and even it can work with other Apple applications like iPhoto, QuickTime, iTunes imovie file

With the help of this application, you can easily import video footage from digital cameras and camcorders and also it provide facility to preview the files. It creates a video file that includes music, transitions, sound effects, themes, tittles. It can be shared or transferred to different storage devices and the created video file can be saved with an extension of .mov file format.

Even though these many new features updated in this applications then also video files becomes inaccessible because of many reasons. If the file becomes inaccessible, users can’t play the video file on any media player and can’t read the digital data of the video file. If you like to play your video file, then it is needed to repair iMovie file and to perform this process of repairing you should make use of Video Repair Software which is equipped with amazing future which can fix iMovie file with ease. Newly designed software helps users in repairing video file. Before this, let us know how the iMovie video file becomes inaccessible and when you needed to opt for this software.

In which cases Video Repair Software Utility helps you?

  • To play the video file. Some codes are used or it is needed to play the video file. If any error occur in the codes then the video file become unplayable on any media player. So here, this iMovie file repair tool helps you in accessing again the digital data of the video file
  • As we all know about the header file that it stores the information regarding the files. If these header file is corrupted, then you won’t be able to enjoy watching your favorite iMovie file on any of the media player.
  • While editing or viewing iMovie file, if abruptly shut down of the system take place due to power surge, then it may leads to a corrupt iMovie file.

Special characteristics of this Utility:

  • It can repair the iMovie file which is corrupted or damaged due to any reason as it has newly updated options. These options helps users to access again the corrupted file after fixing the issue.
  • With the help of its strong algorithm, this software fix iMovie file on almost all the latest version of the Mac operating system.

What is the Basic Difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air?

Microsoft newly introduced Windows 10 based Surface Pro 4 tablet which added to its special features like It’s designed for real work in content creation, CAD/CAM and virtually anywhere else you require the full power of a 6th generation Intel i7, i5, Core m3 processor. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is fifty percents faster than MacBook Air which is newly introduced by Apple.Inc. Let’s we discuss about some basic difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air as follows,

Some Difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air:


First of all Surface Pro 4 has a high resolution touch display about 2736 by 1824 which is protected by the advanced Corning Gorilla Glass 4 but the MacBook Air only contains medium resolution non touchable display compared to Microsoft surface (resolution 1440 by 900). The MacBook Air 13-inch is extremely thin and narrowing from 0.11 at the front to 0.68 inches at the back of the system. The Surface Pro 4 is 0.33 inches thick. The open MacBook Air has a width of 12.8 inches and height of 8.94 inches likewise the Surface Pro 4 measures 7.93 inches wide and 11.5 inches high in portrait mode.


The Surface Pro 4 is designed with number of ports which includes a microSD card reader, a USB 3.0 port, and a Mini Display Port. But the MacBook Air 13-inch has only a few ports with SDXC card slot, two USB 3.0 connections and a Thunderbolt 2 port.

Operating System:

MacBook Air 13-inch runs on their Apple company latest OS version named OS X EI Capitan and the Surface Pro 4 run on their respective Windows system named Windows 10 effectively. Both are having same size of Random Access Memory (RAM) about 4GB which helps to increase the processing speed compared to previous models of these products.

Processor Name:

MacBook Air 13 inch contains high speed Intel Core i5-5250U processor. The Surface Pro 4 contains has advanced Intel’s Skylake processing unit with Core M3, i5, i7which is faster than MacBook Air 13 inch.

Storage Capacity:

The Surface Pro 4 has many configurations from the special processors to the storage capacity like 512GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB. The MacBook Air comes in two storage capacity like 256GB and 128GB options.

Graphics Manufacturer:

Both Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and MacBook Air 13 inch are designed with same Intel graphics mechanism.

Battery Rundown:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 contains battery which has 9 hours rundown capacity but MacBook Air has 17 hours battery life which is better than Surface Pro 4 based on battery life.

How Folder Recovery Software Can Make Your Work Easier?

As you all know, a folder is a space where projects, files, and different envelopes can be stored. PCs with an Apple, Microsoft Windows, or other GUI operating system have folders to help the users to store and organize their records. These folders are protected in your Windows or Mac hard disk unless you format or accidentally erase those envelopes. Suppose if you’re a windows 7 user who accidentally deleted a folder which contained vital files. Each and every file in that folder will lose from the PC with this action. In real case, these documents are not instantly crushed or deleted. But it is difficult to recover the folder independently.
In such a data loss situation, folder recovery software for windows 7 will assist you to recover all your deleted documents in an easy way. So don’t panic! With the help of this recovery tool you can restore folders from various partitions, for example, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and ExtFAT. Also it can recover folders from hard disk that are corrupted because of operating system corruption, MBR corruption, power failure etc. Continue reading this article to know more about this recovery tool.

recover folders

Factors that prompts the loss of folders:

  • Accidental Deletion:Sometimes while deleting some unnecessary folders, you may select and delete some important folders accidentally.
  • Data Transfer Interruption:When you transfer some folders from any storage device to your Windows 7computer, if any sort of interruptions happens during it, then you may suffer folder deletion issue.

Folders can also lose from hard drive because of improper shutdown of your PC, hard disk corruption etc. Sometimes when your system hard disk gets corrupted because of malware attack or some other reason it should be formatted, but during formatting you will lose all your folders which is unavoidable. This is a common issue in which data loss can occur. Also due to third party applications, folders may get corrupted or deleted.. First let us know more about this recover deleted folder by going through some special features of it.

Unique features of this recovery tool:

  • Files bypassing Windows recycle bin when the file size in recycle bin increases, when the files erased utilizing Shift+ Delete or when erased from Windows command prompt can be recover as soon as possible
  • Recover deleted folders from formatted or corrupted partitions from a RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5
  • Ability to recognize all file types including office files, photographs, videos, audios and other vital files  on the ground of their unique signatures and retrieve them utilizing signature search effortlessly
  • Recovers information from the folder which are located in hard drives (SCSI/IDE/ SATA and so on.), also flash memory cards like (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick) and FireWire Drives
  • You can halt the session of recovery process and even continue it, this is possible by utilizing “Save Recovery Session” option, this guarantees that you need not have to rescan your drive to find lost information
  • Complete recovery of hard drive when drive does not boot or the drive is crushed.

How to Recover Data after Flash Drive Not Formatted Error?

You all may know that flash drive is a storage equipment that is connected externally to computers. It is small in size and it has the capability to store large data. The storage capacity of each flash drives can vary with respect to another. Because of its compact size and huge memory storage capacity, you may keep of your data in that flash drive.Flash Drive Not Formatted

Even though it has many advantages, the chances for flash drive corruption is high. Many of you may have come across this type of error message, stating that “The flash drive not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”. If you have facing this problem and trying to rectify it, make use of “Portable Drive Recovery” tool. This application can retrieve your data from hard drives that are not getting mounted. There are several other reasons in which your flash drive may get corrupt.

Reasons behind Flash Drive Corruption:

  • Unethical Formatting: Say for example, you are trying to format your flash drive. At that time your computer got froze before the formatting process got completed. In this situation, you will be forced to restart your system. As a result of this situation, the files stored in that hard drive may become inaccessible.
  • Abrupt Ejection: You will be provided with an option called “Safely Remove hardware”, which helps you to eject your flash drives safely. In some case, if you eject your USB drive in an inappropriate way, then there are chances for your data to get lost along with that drive.
  • Changing Drive Format: The default format of most of the flash drives is FAT32 file system. Sometimes for using in Mac computers, you may change its file system. Formatting the flash drive often to change the file format will result in that flash drive to get corrupted. As a result, the data stored in that drive will be lost.
  • MBR Corruption: MBR means Master Boot Record. It is a special type of boot sector created at the first partitioning of the computer. It holds the logical information of the partitions. If this MBR gets corrupted, then that pen drive may became inaccessible.

Prominent Features of this Recovery Tool:

Portable Drive Recovery tool can retrieve data from different types of USB drives, memory card, hard disk etc. This tool provides “Save Recovery Session” method. Using this option you can proceed your recovery process without rescanning your files from the beginning. While recovering your files, this tool does not make any changes to your original data. Instead of that, it collects the contents from the file, recover them and creates anew copy of that file. This tool can recover deleted files from all brands of flash drives such as Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP, etc. Your recovered files can be previewed actually before saving it.

Tips to Avoid Flash Drive Corruption:

• Do not remove your flash drive in an unprofessional manner.
• Always use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to eject your drive.
• Try to scan your drive with trusted anti-virus software.
• Don’n use any untrusted third party applications to access your flash card contents.

Solution to Recover Data from SSD Hard Drive

SSD hard drives are the most popular storage medium. There are various brands who manufacture the SSD hard disk such as Transcend, Corsair Force, Samsung, Kingston, etc. This SSD hard disk commonly used to store different formats of data like videos, PPT, documents, audios, PDF, images and more.

SSD hard drive stands for Solid State Disk. It has various features such as faster transfer rate, huge storage capacity, and three layer shock protection system. In solid state drive there is no moving parts have like motor to spin the disk. It takes less power consumption than the standard hard drive because of this there is a decrease in heating of SSD hard drive and helps to increase the lifespan of SSD drive. But, in various circumstances the data may get lost or erased from SSD hard disk.

Reasons behind Data loss from SSD Hard Drive: ssd-sandisk

Virus attack: At certain instances, SSD hard disk drive gets corrupted or damaged due to intrusion of virus/Trojan attacks on PCs/laptop. This may cause lose important data due to corruption and user want to recover SSD hard drive.

Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion generally occurs due to user lack of presence. While erasing unnecessary data from SSD hard drive to free up some space for storing new files, user may unknowingly delete important files thus it erase all files and folders on SSD hard drive.

Interruption during data transfer: Sometimes, while transferring your important files from SSD hard disk to other storage media using “Cut + Paste “. At that time, suddenly PC shut downs due to power failure can be the reasons for losing your valuable data from SSB hard disk drive.

Formatting unintentional: Formatting is the method to wipe all the data from storage devices like SSD hard disk. While formatting OS partition (C drive) to reinstall operating system, user may accidently select other partition example D drive. As a result of this, user might loss all important files from the partition.

Deletion from third party program: Using some reliable third party tool like Antivirus software can cause deletion to your important files, if those files are infected from virus/malware attack. In this circumstances, you file will get deleted from SSD hard drive without any intimation from Antivirus software.

Have you lost/deleted your important files from your SSD hard drive? If yes, then choose a reliable and trustworthy tool like Recover SSD. This software is designed with special algorithm to restore lost files from SSD hard drive in efficient way. You can use this tool to get back lost/erased/missing files from different file systems like FAT16, HFS, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, etc. Within just few click of mouse you can perform data recovery from SSD hard drive easily. To know more about this program in details keep read on this article carefully.

It helps you to retrieve SSD hard drive data using read only mode and this tool doesn’t modify your original file. All the recovered data from SSD drive can be sorted on the basis of types of data like size, name, date and type. It supports restoration of files from various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems such as Windows 8, 7, Mavericks, XP, Mountain Lion, Vista, 2003, Yosemite, etc. You can also recover erased data from various brands such as Seagate, Samsung, SanDisk, Maxtor, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, etc.