Battery Drains Fast

Are you fed up with the problem of battery draining from your Laptop? Especially when you are not even using Laptop to perform any task. Well this article tackles this problem easily which can avoid draining the battery from the Laptop.

In order to maximize the battery life, it is very important to understand what drains the power from your battery. Battery life on Laptop is directly related to the task which you perform on it. When you use the Laptop for watching movies, videos, songs, playing graphics-intensive games, etc for a longer period of time then the battery drains fast. The biggest offenders would be probably the graphics related to drain battery faster.

Important tips to avoid rapidly draining of battery

  • By disabling bad applications, when you are not using certain applications which cannot be removed as well then it is safe to disable them to prevent form consuming more power.
  • Wireless Connectivity, it is suggested to always turn off the GPS, WiFi, NFC and other mobile data not to use to save power. Whether these devices it is connected or not, active wireless connection always consume more battery.
  • Use Hibernate Mode, it is also recommended to use Hibernate Mode instead of Sleep which allows your Laptop to completely power down and zero power. So whenever you are not going to use your laptop for another hour or more, put it into Hibernate mode and also it uses only a trickle of battery life to keep everything in memory.

Sometimes the above tricks which are mentioned may prove ineffective. And also these tricks cannot be used all the time on every device. Hence is highly recommended to use this third party software to manage your battery storage power. The most important thing about this software is that it takes only a few minutes to prevent battery drains fast issue completely.

Other reasons that causes to drain battery fast are mentioned below

  • Screen brightness, if you set the screen to maximum brightness at all the time continuously then you will be in a big trouble with your battery. Main screen touch panel is also the major consumer of the device. Hence if you want set the screen brightness manually then atleast put it in the mid level brightness as much as possible.
  • Unclosed background applications on iPhone, usually in iOS, closing the application by pressing only the home button doesn’t actually stops the application wherein some processes still continue running in background and consumes more battery power from your iPhone. Hence always close the applications which are running in the background to save the iPhone battery.
  • WiFi on tablet, when you have a WiFi on your Tablet then the battery runs really fast. Smart phones too have the same problem. Even though data internet drains more battery, WiFi contributes to increase the use of battery power.

You can improve the lifespan of your battery by using recovery software as mentioned above. If you are facing any problem with the battery drain issues on Galaxy then you can use this tool to save your Galaxy battery life.