Best Software to Recover data from Portable Drives

FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery

Consider a situation when you want to format a particular drive from your home computer and you are not aware that your FreeAgent Goflex portable drive is connected to your computer.  You quickly select your FreeAgent Goflex portable drive without your knowledge and format it. Once it’s formatted, you realize that you have formatted the wrong drive instead of formatting your computer drive.  Now, all your personal data on the portable drive is lost due to one such mistake.

When you experience such issue, don’t be scared of losing your data from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive. All you need is good FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery application which can be installed on your system to recover all your lost files from portable drive. Before knowing how to get back your lost files, let’s see some of the reasons how data is lost or deleted from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive.

Reasons due to which data is loss or deleted from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive

  • Deletion using Shift+Delete keys: You want to delete some personal photos from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive without reaching Recycle Bin; you just use Shift+Delete keys to delete them permanently.
  • Third Party Tools: When you download some files from internet, you are not aware whether they are infected or not. So, you use third party antivirus to scan your entire portable drive to stay away from virus. Sometimes, third party tools delete your files which are attacked by virus without your knowledge and when you look for those files you don’t find them.
  • Abrupt pulling FreeAgent Goflex portable drive: When you are transferring documents from computer to portable drive, you quickly disconnect the portable drive during transfer process thinking that those documents have been transferred. This abrupt pulling of portable drive may result in inaccessible documents when you try opening them.

Apart from the stated reasons, there are others reasons like improper shutting down system when portable drive is connected, virus infection, etc due to which files get lost or even portable drive becomes inaccessible. For any of the stated problems, you can use this FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery application designed for such intentions. To check out this software, visit this link:

Features of FreeAgent Goflex Data Recovery

This powerful application retrieves lost or deleted data from inaccessible FreeAgent Goflex portable drive. It is not only possible to recover data from portable drive that got deleted using Shift+Delete keys but also recovers data deleted using command prompt. With the help of this application, you can get back deleted files from FreeAgent Goflex portable drive having different file systems like FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS, FAT16 and NTFS5 portable drives. It retrieves wide range of files namely excel files, zip files, documents, email archives and many more from memory cards, iPods, external USB drives, etc.You can retrieve deleted or missing media files from portable drives namely HP, Kingston, Samsung and others without missing any file. It is malware free application which can be installed on Windows OS like Vista, XP, 2003, 8, 2007, 7 and Mac OS like Lion, Snow Leopard and so on.