Best Tool to Recover Deleted Files from HTC Thunderbolt Android Smartphone

People who love Android smart phones are up to date about regarding versions especially with HTC Thunderbolt which was the first 4G LTE smartphone. These days everyone becomes crazy about Android phones because of its excellent features which contain high resolution pixels to take pictures, amazing applications like WhatsApp, games, which gives entrainment for users to get rid out of tensions and office works. Suppose you’re going to attend one of your loved once birthday party and capturing pictures in cell phone to remember those unforgettable wondering movements which you spend with them. While clicking pictures by accidentally your HTC Android phone might fell down and turns off. Now obviously you are in horror mood that how to recover those precious pictures which you took in function? Don’t be fear!! Everything is possible in this new advanced technology. By using recover tool you can restore them back and many software are available in market. Android File Recovery software is one such wondering tool to recover deleted or lost files from your HTC mobile phone.

Your Android phone doesn’t immediately erase files once you delete it. Instead of that the pointer which point to deleted file gets deleted and frees up the space for new file. However the deleted file is available till it has been overwritten with new file. So once you lost or deleted files, then stop using phone and download Android File Recovery software to restore them back. This tool has an excellent in-built algorithm which helps to search particular file from directory and restore them with their original position.

There are many reasons for deleting file from Android phone and some of them are listing below

  • Accidental deletion: Generally storage capacity of phone is limited and users trying to delete unwanted files from phone. However, while deleting redundant or selected unwanted files you may accidentally delete some important files which really vital file for you and later realize that you made mistake and delete important file from Android mobile.
  • Unintentional format: Sometimes while doing some work in your Android smartphone by unsuspectingly format your phone which leads to loss of files and if you want them back then you have to use third party application to retrieve deleted or lost files from Android cell.
  • Improper usage: Android phones contains most sensitive display screen and you should handle carefully while using it. Sometimes while transferring files from smartphone to computer system, you might remove connection immediately without using ejection option. This result in file system corruption and leads to loss of important files from smartphone.

All the above mentioned reasons results in severe loss of files from Android smartphone. To overcome such conditions use well developed applications that perform complete recovery on Android mobile. This application has designed with more advanced features to empower users to rescue their deleted files. It can retrieve deleted files from different types of memory card like SD, CF, and SDXC which are used in HTC thunderbolt. Deleted files can be recuperates with help of file attributes like file name, file size and data of creation. Use trial version of this software and if your satisfies with results, buy complete version and restore all kinds of files from Android smartphone.