Best Way to Recover Data from Micro SD Card

Is your computer is not detecting your memory card? Alternatively, are you getting error messages when you connect the SD card to computer system? Suppose if there is no back up of important of data then definitely you will be critical situation and you need a perfect solution to overcome from such problems. Well, if you reading this article then surely you find your answers to issues to conquer the data loss from SD card.

In digital world, Secure Digital cards are very famous and have more advantages to store data. They can store huge data and very efficient to use. Data will be secured in SD cards. SD cards mainly are used in digital camera and camcorder to save captured videos, photos and other data. But similar to other media cards, SD are also prone to data loss situations or corruption issues that makes the saved files inaccessible. If you have lost some of the essential data because of corruption issues then you will be tensed and worry about you data. Therefore, stop getting tense because you can easily recover Micro SD card not detected by using SD Card Image Recovery tool.

Many critical situations may lead to essential data loss. When you found that some vital data is missing from SD card then you need to put an end using for storing data further. This type of step will prevent you from data over writing. List of possible scenarios are below:

Formatting errors: Often you may transfer some important data from SD card to computer system and this reason you will be connecting media card by using card reader. However soon after connecting media card, you may face error message saying such as “The card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” without thinking much if you press format button then all the data on SD card gets inaccessible and huge amount of data is lost.

Human mistakes: sometimes while previewing you may delete some of the data from SD card instead of erasing useless files. Even you may unintentionally hit to delete all buttons on camera. Therefore, all these stuff results in loss of massive amount of data from SD card.

Virus infection: Another major cause for losing of key data from SD card is virus infection. Viruses can come through if you connected to virus-infected system. Some dangerous virus can make your essential data inaccessible. Often file system can also corrupt because of viruses. In order to fix these you need to format your SD card then all the data is lost from it. With the help of amazing media recovery software, you effortlessly restore all the data from media card.

Therefore, whatever may be the cause behind the loosing of essential data from SD card, recover micro SD card not detected by using this media recovery app SD card Image recovery application, which especially designed for SD cards and it has some advanced scanning algorithms which can restore data from micro SD card not detected very efficiently.

It can also support recovery of other different cards such CF cards, memory cards, flash cards, USB drives, etc and all the brands of media cards. In order to check more features of the recovery utility, you can download its trial version and run it on your system. If you are okay with result then you can order license version.