Restore Photos from Android after Factory Reset

You may heard about many of the Google Android system. Android is currently one of the most used mobile phone OS used in the mobile phones. Almost all mobile phone make use of this Android OS, so these phones are called android phones. Most popularly Samsung galaxy S3, Note 2, Google Nexus, HTC one, Sony Xperia phones are all Android mobiles. But due to some unfortunate situation you may end up with loss of photos from Android. One such common issue is due to factory reset. Factory reset is a full restore of an electronic device such as mobile phones to its factory settings. This process entails deleting all files stored in the Android device. Factory reset may become essential on Android device which is no longer working. Many of the issues with a hand held device such as freezing can be resolved by performing a factory reset. But while performing this operation you be cautious as it destroys all files stored in the Android device.

What happens when carry out Factory Reset on Android device? Factory reset deletes all the files including photos on your Android phone. It wipes all the files off the internal storage of the device and return it to the default factory settings. It means all person media data like contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music files, documents, and other files on the phone will be erased.

How to restore photos from Android after factory reset? Now it is possible to restore photos from Android after factory reset with the help of the reliable photo recovery Android tool. This program is developed with inbuilt scanning algorithm that scans the entire drive to restore photos from Android after factory reset in few minutes. Hence you can get an ultimate answer on how to recover photos from Android after factory reset with the support of this relevant photo recovery Android application in few mouse clicks.

Some of the common scenarios in which factory reset is done on Android device are explained here: Sometimes if you want to uninstall all apps on the Android device then you may perform factory reset on your Android Smartphone, on some occasion you may accidentally choose factory reset option while fiddling with the functionalities and working of Android device, Due to viruses, the Android device may be factory reset by you, after formatting the Android device, the device will be restored to factory settings, etc.

Other than these factors, you can find other scenarios in which factory reset is done on the Android Smartphone. All the files that are lost after factory reset can be restored using photo recovery Android software.

Some of the important features of photo recovery Android toolkit

Photo recovery Android tool prominently retrieves all type of photo files like CRW, NEF, JPG, PNG, CR2, JPEG, BMP etc. from your Android phone after reset. It performs scanning of both internal memory and external memory to recover lost photos from Android device with utmost ease.

The  “Save Recovery Session” option enables you to save recovery session to avoid rescanning of drive on Android. This photo recovery Android program supports recovery of lost pictures from all brands of Android Smartphone such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Dell, Acer, Micro Max, Sony and so on utmost ease.

Best Utility to Recover Photos from Android Phone

Now a day’s android has become most popular and highly used mobile phone in the globe. Because of some reasons like user friendly, multitasking ability, touch screen, etc. it’s makes highly selling product. If you have lost your important images from your Android mobile phone and looking for perfect solution then you will be surprised that data recovery is possible using any recovery utility.

If you have fed up of browsing internet to find a solution of get back pictures from Android phone’s internal or external memory? No need to worry. You can restore pics from your android phone with the help of Photo Recovery Android Tool. This tool also allows you to know how to recover deleted photos from android phone in an effective way.

Scenarios which are associated with the Photo deletion through Android phone

Format: Nowadays Android phone use large size memory card. Suppose you have saved large amount of picture on SD card of your mobile phone. In some cases if you unknowingly press format button, it will take few seconds to delete all images from your memory card and it results in data loss.

Abrupt SD Card Ejection from Android Phone: There is a procedure on the user manual to remove the memory card on the devices. If you do not follow rules before removing and memory card is removed abruptly, then there are chances of file system on your mobile phone to get corrupted.

Virus Attack: If virus infected to the memory card then there is a chance of image deletion while performing virus scan on your memory card.

File Transfer Interruptions: Sometimes interruptions may occur while transferring image files from Android phone to the PC or vice versa. The interruptions like abrupt USB cable ejection, system shutdown etc.

Outstanding of Photo Recovery Android Tool

  • Photo Recovery Android software has ability to recover images, audio, videos and digital RAW photos of any file format and find option helps to locating a particular file on the basis of size, name, extension, etc.
  • It supports recovery on all brands of android devices such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. from different flash memory card like SD, XD, memory stick, etc.
  • It is designed with special algorithm to retrieve deleted pictures from memory card and internal memory with a deep scan.
  • This software is having preview option by using this it can be possible see recovered images before going to purchase the full version of software.
  • It can be installed on Windows operating system versions such as Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  • It can perform recovery operation on different versions of Android such as Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean etc.
  • This photo recovery android tool supports recovery from all the branded android mobile phones like Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc
  • It can be used as powerful utility to recover lost data due to accidental format, virus attack, etc, from the Android devices.

How to Retrieve Pictures from Droid Incredible?

High-Tech Computer shortened as HTC is the admired corporations that manufacture Smartphones and Tablets by making use of Android OS platform. You can come across with different HTC models among which HTC droid incredible is the one which is equipped with a number of features such as a high-resolution camera that comes helpful in capturing pictures of some of your memorable incidents, high resolution display, faster processor, almost 8 GB of built-in memory and many others. It use memory card to store images captured by camera with the intention that you can view them at anytime in near future. Even though HTC droid incredible is provided with several exceptional features, sometimes there are scenarios that result in deletion or loss of your valuable photos from HTC droid incredible causing a problem for you.

However fortunately, there is a well-liked application named Android picture recovery which has the capability to recover pictures from droid incredible with minimum effort. Moreover, this software can recover deleted photos from Android internal memory quickly by making a deep scan.

Possible scenarios that result in deletion or loss of photos from HTC droid incredible phone

  • While trying to remove unnecessary pictures, sometimes you may mistakenly delete cherished images from HTC droid incredible phone
  • Clicking pictures from HTC droid incredible phone when phones battery is running out of power might result in deletion or loss of pictures from your HTC droid incredible
  • When your HTC droid incredible phone is connected to Windows computer, clicking on “Format” alternative would result in losing entire data along with your pictures

If you have ever encountered any of the situations stated above and later on looking for a way to get pictures back from droid incredible phone, then effective Android picture recovery software can resolve your trouble on how to retrieve pictures from droid incredible in a fraction of seconds.

Features of Android picture recovery utility

Android picture recovery application is regarded as the best software to recover pictures from droid incredible Smartphone in minutes. It not only assists you to recover pictures from HTC droid incredible phone, but helps you in getting back additional files such as music files, video files, documents and a lot more. One can use of this application to recover files from devices like Smartphone, Tablet etc running on Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Froyo Android operating systems.

Furthermore, this tool recovers files from Android Smartphone of various manufacturing brands like Sony, Samsung, Micromax, and many others. You can even retrieve deleted photos from Android internal memory quickly by using this tool as said before. If you face any kind of difficulties while performing the recovery, then this tool is even provided with detailed steps to get deleted photos back from Android internal memory quickly. Other than supporting HTC droid incredible, this software can recover deleted or lost photos from other different HTC models like HTC EVO, HTC Inspire, HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire etc. This software works fine on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Hence, it is the most excellent software to recover pictures from droid incredible.  You can make use of the free demo edition of the application in order to evaluate its efficiency to recover pictures from droid incredible Smartphone.

Software to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Android Internal Memory

In these days, traveling with the newly brought Android Smartphone and capturing lots of beautiful photos with this device during your trip has become the common thing in everyone’s life. At that moment you just have no time to insert an external memory card so that these photos are all stored in your Android internal memory. And of course you still have no time to keep the backup copy of all those precious pictures to the other device. But unfortunately, because of careless hand slide, you might have delete some precious photos from the internal memory of your Android device or else your Android Smartphone was unlucky got a failed power, etc that causes deletion of photos from Android internal memory. After this instance, you might be thinking of is there a way to recover deleted photos from Android internal memory? Need not to worry about this issue, in this post you get an ultimate solution on how to retrieve deleted pictures Android from internal memory within few clicks by following some easy steps.

Internal memory from and Android Smartphone doesn’t show as the external drive when you plug in your Android device to the system. Hence, the files stored in the Android internal memory are invisible and inaccessible through the USB connection. But the files remain intact until the new files take up its place. In order to rescue deleted photos from Android internal memory, it is necessary to do something special. Now you can draw support from third party recovery software to restore deleted photos from Android internal memory. Android picture recovery tool is considered as the most eminent tool that successfully supports in recovery of deleted pictures from Android internal memory.

How does a photo get deleted from Android internal memory?

  • Unintentional deletion of photos from internal memory of Android device.
  • Restoring Android Smartphone to its factory reset leads to deletion of photos stored on it.
  • Formatting Android internal storage memory of the Android results in erasure of all the files including the photos preserved on it.
  • Any sort of interruption while transferring photos from Android phone to computer or vice versa.
  • Intrusion of deadly viruses, antivirus scanning, etc also results in deletion of pictures from Android internal memory.

All these above mentioned reasons will results in deletion of photos that are saved on Android internal memory. But fortunately, you need not worry about the reason behind photo deletion since it can be retrieved back using this best Android recovery tool named Android picture recovery toolkit.

Let us know some of the important attributes of this Android picture recovery tool. This program is especially built with advanced scanning technology that successfully helps in recovery of deleted pictures from Android internal memory. It is very easy to undelete photos from Android internal memory of different brands such as Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC with the help of this amazing utility. You can take the advantage of this Android picture recovery software to recover deleted photos from Google Nexus. This application is read only and no permission has been given to the software to modify any of the original files. Therefore this Android picture recovery tool is one of the best photo recovery application for Android.

Application to Recover Photos from Android

In this modern era, Android OS has changed the complete concept of Smartphone and now it has given it a new dimension. You might be knowing how different is it to use and Android device. As this Android has equipped with so many exciting new applications being developed now and then, it is very hard to decide to use one or two. Nowadays, Android Smartphone is turned more like a storage device with many of the snapped photos, videos, audios, latest exciting applications, mails, messages and others.

As everyone know that photos are the kind of memory that helps to recall those happy days in the past. This is because you cannot go back to the old days, those photos grow more precious with time pass by. But is indeed a heartbreaking thing to loss photos from Android Smartphone because of different causes. While there is still a way to get back those photos from Android. Nowadays, you might be finding so many programs in the market that ensures recovery of photos from Android Smartphone. On such situation you must be very careful in selecting only the right third party application. One such program is photo recovery Android that successfully helps in restoration of photos from Android in few minutes.

Why you must opt for photo recovery Android toolkit?

Photo recovery Android is one of the professional software that helps in retrieving photos from Android devices in few minutes. This program is quite user-friendly and effective. Before recovering photos from Android, it allows you to preview the whole photos that you have lost from your Android Smartphone. As it carry out scanning process on Android device to restore photos very quickly, it is absolutely time-saving. And also you need not to worry about your original files as it works by read only operation. Therefore this photo recovery Android is considered as the better choice to restore photos from Android device.

Causes that results in loss of photos from Android

  • Restoration of Android Smartphone back to its factory settings.
  • Improper usage of Android device like switching it off while you are previewing photos or while transfer process is still in progress.
  • Sometimes photos get deleted accidentally by you from Android devices.
  • Intrusion of dangerous viruses on Android device.
  • Executing format process on Android device intentionally or unintentionally deletes all the files including the photos on Android device.

Photo recovery Android is one of the robust, reliable and powerful recovery application that helps to restore photos from Android Smartphone Memory card, internal memory by scanning them rigorously. This program will not modify the content of image file while recovering from Android devices. It has an ability to get back photos from Android Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and so forth with ease. Hence you can easily recover photos from Samsung galaxy in few minutes.

Important suggestions to be followed

  • Always install the good antivirus application like quick heal, Norton, Kaspersky in order to fight with deadly viruses.
  • It is suggested to regularly transfer significant photos from Android phone to multiple storage drives.
  • Do not interrupt while transferring photos from Android device to other drive.

Most Effective Way to Restore Deleted Pictures from HTC Desire

Android phones are one the prominent Smart phones nowadays. The vast majority of the individuals prefer Android Smart phones rather than other phones. There are different brands of Android phones available in market, among them HTC Desire is a popular one. HTC Desire phones have included with expansive number of attractive features, these phones have gained reputation in the whole world.

Have you erased important pictures from HTC Desire phone? If it is so, then don’t panic. They can be easily restored now. To restore erased pictures from HTC Desire phone you need to take the help of Android retrieval application. This Android retrieval tool is in fact an application which can easily restore erased and lost pictures from HTC Desire Smart phones. It must be initially installed on Windows based PC, after which HTC phone is to be connected with PC and the following the screen shots and instructions erased pictures can be restored in few clicks. Before getting into the features of Android retrieval application, let us discuss why photos get erased from HTC Desire Smartphone.

Following are important reasons for the deletion of pictures from HTC Desire phone:

  • Unintended erasure: It is basically a human error, which leads to the erasure of photos from HTC Desire phone. While erasing unessential photos, if erroneously any vital picture is chosen, then chosen picture files will get erased.
  • Third party tools: If you are utilizing any faulty third party utility on your HTC Desire phone, then there are chances of that third party app deleting your photos from the gadget.
  • Other reasons: There are a few more reasons, for example, antivirus erasure, by restoring factory settings, formatting, and so on.

However you don’t need to get pestered in any of the above described scenarios, since Android retrieval utility can restore erased pictures from HTC Desire without any complexity. This amazing tool has an inbuilt scanning engine, by making use of which it’ll scan the entire storage media of your HTC Desire phone and brings back all the erased pictures effectively.

Can this application be used on other Android phones?

Yes, it can be used. This effective Android retrieval application can be used on all major brands of Android phones. Within few minutes it can undelete photos Android. Along with pictures it can restore other data, for example, videos, songs, APK files, and so on.

Outstanding features of Android retrieval application:

  • It’s a most preferred recovery application, and is suggested by large portions of the IT experts.
  • It can restore erased pictures on all major versions of Android OS including Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Froyo, Jelly Bean, Cupcake, Donut, and so on.
  • It’s a user interface Android retrieval utility for utilizing which no help or any form of unique abilities are needed.
  • As already mentioned above, this application must be installed on Windows based PC. It can easily work with all latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Vista, XP, 7, etc.

Try the demo version of this Android retrieval application. If you get satisfied with its performance, then buy its licensed version.

Smartest Android Photo Recovery App

Android OS is considered as the best mobile operating system these days, most of the Smart phones and Tablets PCs run on this Android OS. Android was initially developed by Android Inc, later it was acquired by Google in the year 2005. Now every Smartphone manufacturers prefer Android instead of other mobile OS.

But there certain reasons on account of which Android device users lose their important photos and other vital data from the Android device. If you have lost any important photos from Android device then do not get worried, since after a long research and studies techies have come with an application which could recover data from Android device on Windows PC, which means the Android device needs to be connected to Windows PC and then by following appropriate recovery steps the lost or even deleted photos could be recovered. The name of the software is Android recovery software; and it is able to support photo recovery from various Android versions such as Jelly Bean, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread etc. This Android recovery application can be installed on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc. If you are looking for photo recovery Android, then it’s a solution to you.

How photos are lost from Android device?    

These are some common reasons which results in the loss of photos of Android device:

  • Formatting: When an Android device is formatted then all the photos, including other important files will get vanished away in few moments.      
  • Unintentional deletion: While unessential photos are being deleted, you may sometimes select important photo files, after which selected photos get lost.  
  • Photo transfer errors: If important photos are being transferred from computer to Android device or vice versa, and in the middle of the process some sort or error occurs then there are great chances of losing photos from Android device.

On account of these above described reasons, if you lose photos from Android device then take the help of Android recovery utility and get back the photos within several clicks of computer mouse.

Using this Android recovery utility, am I able to recover deleted photos from HTC Desire Smartphone?

Yes of course, you will be able to do that. With the help of Android recovery application you will be able to recover photos HTC Desire. Apart from HTC, this tool can recover photos from various Android phones such as Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax and Motorola etc.

Android recovery application includes all these mentioned features: 

  • This amazing recovery utility is capable of recovering various types of lost or deleted files from Android devices such as songs, pictures, videos, APK files etc.
  • It scans the memory card of Android device and recovers photos and other important data from it.
  • It’s a fastest Android recovery application which brings back huge number of lost or deleted files from Android device.
  • The software is free from all sorts of threats like malignant programs and viruses.
  • It’s easy to use software, and requires no assistance.

Effecient Tool to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Android

Android Operating System has change the dimension of using Smartphone. Android has improved a lot on their products and make sure to provide the best software service to the customers. Now this Android phone act as the professional digital camera that allows you to store all the snapped photos of your friends, family members, parties, vacation trip, etc in more effective manner. However, managing photos on the Android device is not user friendly because deletion of photos may occur at any time on your Android. If this is the case then how would you recover deleted photos from Android? Have you ever dreamt of getting back deleted photos from your Android Smartphone that has been deleted by mistake? Have you ever wished to get back deleted photos that you snapped in a special occasion and have to delete them because of low memory? If you are struggling enough to get rid of these issues then don’t worry, Android picture recovery software gives you an eventual solution to retrieve deleted photos from Android with ease.

This Android picture recovery software helps to retrieve deleted photos from Android on different scenarios. Some of the common situations that you come across are as follows, Unexpected deletion of photos off your Android Smartphone or Tablet such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Mobile, etc. Formatting Android device by mistake when it is connected to the system and ends up with erasure of all the files including the photos stored on it. Other causes like restoring Android Smartphone back to its factory settings, improper handling of Android device, interruption while moving photos from Android device to system, intrusion of harmful viruses, etc leads to deletion of photos from Android devices.

Android picture recovery tool can also be utilized to retrieve deleted photos from Android device, in addition to other mentioned scenarios. In addition to photos, you can also apply this program to revive videos, songs, application files and other valuable data from Android Smartphone within a fraction of minutes. This tool allows you to restore deleted photos from popular brands like HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, etc with ease. If you have deleted photos from Android internal storage memory then it is necessary to carry out deleted photo recovery process. If you are looking for the solution to restore deleted photos from Android internal memory storage then you can prefer this Android picture recovery toolkit.

Additional features of Android picture recovery software

  • Android picture recovery tool has simple and easy to use interface that helps the users who doesn’t have any technical knowledge to perform deleted photo recovery in few minutes.
  • Now it is possible to retrieve deleted photos from Smartphone of different brands such as Samsung Galaxy Y, S2, Note, HTC Rezound, y Xperia, Google Nexus, HTC Desire V and other Smartphone’s.
  • With the help of this Android picture recovery tool, you can easily revive JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, etc and RAW image formats from Memory cards used in various digital devices such as Smartphone’s, cameras, camcorders, etc with ease.
  • This application has an ability to retrieve deleted photos on Android Smartphone under Windows desktop or laptop that is installed with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2008, 2007, 2008, etc operating systems.

Simplest Way to Recover Photos from Android Phone

Android OS is open source OS it facilitates user to edit and create new apps for Android this feature also made it more strong and popular in market. Other reasons behind the popularity of Android Phones are attractive look, large amount of internal storage memory, capacity to support high resolution games, camera, and more importantly for its useful apps. Android Phones are equipped with high capacity pixel rate cameras, by using this it’s quite common to click photos and save it on Android Phone.

Photo loss is quite common with Android Phones like other devices that may be of accidental photo loss or intentional photo loss. If you lost any photo by these scenarios then no need to worry by making use of Android Photo Recovery Software its quite simple to recover lost photos from Android Phones. 

Photo loss scenarios from Android Phones 

Formatting: Due to many reasons the formatting process can be carried out on your Android Phones. During this process there is a chance that may lose your important data including image files.

Third party tools: Today all Android Phones become popular because of its rich set of Android apps, once you download any photo editing app from Google play and editing any photo then there may be chance of unintentional photo loss due to third part tool.

Default settings: If you’re Android Phone not able to perform some kind of tasks, then you may go for restore factory settings. If once you restore your phone settings then that result in huge amount of data loss including image files.

Interruption: If you try to transfer some data from Android Phone to your PC by making use of data cable then there may be chance of data loss if data cable disconnected unexpectedly.

 Features of Android photo recovery software 

  • This is one of most powerful photo recovery software for Android Phones and performs recovery operation on all type of photo formats.
  • This tool has capacity to work on all the versions of Android OS such as Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean etc.
  • The user interface of this Android photo recovery software is much simple and it can possible to recover lost photos without any kind of core technical knowledge.
  • Android photo recovery software tool works effectively on all the versions of Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • This software smoothly works on all brands of Smart phones which support Android OS such as Samsung, Micromax, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo etc.

Precautions to avoid photo loss from Android Phones

  • Before going to reset factory settings try to take backup of data.
  • While data transfer takes place between phone and PC don’t allow data cable to disconnect abnormally.
  • Provide special attention while working with any third party photo editing app that may delete photo unintentionally.
  • Use trusted antivirus for your Android Phones and try to scan your phone regularly.

Study How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android

Android is the most popular operating system for Smartphone, Tablet computers and others. Android is developed and marketed by Google. Devices supporting this OS are enriched with all the functionalities like watching movies, browsing internet, playing 3D games, capturing photos, taking videos and many more. Since these Android devices have large storage capacity to store more stuffs, many of the users prefer this Android device to store all the captured photos that are taken during some special moments and intended to keep it safe till the end of their life. Such dependencies on the Android devices can let you to photo loss situation if any strikes the device accidentally. In such incidences, it becomes very essential to restore deleted photos from Android at any cost.

Have you come across any deletion of photo issue with Android Smartphone? Do you need a recovery solution for deleted photos on Android digital camera? Want to get the reliable tool to restore deleted photos from Android? If your answer is yes for all these queries then here you get the complete solution by which you can easily get back deleted photos from Android. Well, with the help of this photo recovery Android software, it is possible to restore all the deleted photos from Android device within a fraction of minutes.

Some of the common factors responsible for deletion of photos from Android

  • Formatting SD card: Nowadays, SD cards are used to expand the storage capacity of the Android phones, digital cameras, tablets, etc. SD card is used inside these devices. Sometimes you may intentionally or accidentally click on deadly option of format on these devices. Within a few seconds all the captured images will be deleted along with other files stored on the Android device.
  • Unintentional deletion: Important photos stored on the Android Smartphone may get deleted by mistake when you press Delete option. If you opt for the Delete All option then it would erase all the stored photos along with the other multimedia files like videos, music, songs, movies, etc.
  • Virus intrusion: Operating system gets corrupted because of reasons like virus intrusion, APK file corruption, sudden shut down of the PC while moving files, power failure, etc. Under such instances, Android phone fails to boot and you end up with deletion of photos stored on it.

You can solve deletion of photo issues from Android device by photo recover Android toolkit. This utility acts as the all in solution for recovery of photos that are deleted by any cause in few minutes. This application equipped with a number of innovative and exclusive features that makes it the most excellent recovery program in the market. It supports not only to recover deleted photos but also the other multimedia files like videos, music, songs, etc that are deleted from Android device.  It supports to recover deleted photo of file format such as JPG, TIFF and PNG etc from any android device. You can easily restore application package files (.apk) with the aid of this photo recovery Android utility.