Know How to Recover Deleted Applications on Android Tablet

I am using Karbon Android tablet since 6 months. Recently my Android tablet performance went down gradually due to installing apps in more number. Hence, I thought to delete few apps which I use very rarely. However, while deleting I committed a mistake that I have deleted few apps that I use frequently. Can anyone assist me how to recover deleted apps on Android tablet in few simple steps?

This kind of mistakes are normal in Android devices however when any apps are missed or deleted from it then you can easily restore them if you have backup of those apps. In case you do not have backup of those apps then get assistance from third party file recovery tool called Android Data Recovery. This application is excellent in performing erased apps recovery from Android tablet in few simple steps. It can restore all types of apps includes games, social media, entertainment, etc. from Android tablets. Application not only recovers apps also restores other data from Android tablets, includes video, music, picture, document, notes, etc.

Note: In Android tablets, you do not find Recycle Bin folder to recover deleted items as you see in Windows desktops. However, you can have recycle bin folder in your Android tablets by installing third party application which stores all deleted items in your Android phones. In addition, you can easily restore them whenever needed.

How is it possible to restore deleted apps from Android tablets?

Apps are stored in your Android tablets may deleted due to any reasons then OS removes deleted apps  referential address from memory, which is used to access, but not app file itself. Therefore, by employing Android Data Recovery application you can easily restore them without damaging them.

What should I do after deleting files in order to carry out safe deleted apps restore?

Of course, it is very important thing in order to carry out a successful deleted apps recovery because after deleting anything from Android tablet due to any reasons and wishing to get back them, then you have to stop installing or storing data on your Android tablet. Because, there are chances of losing deleted apps permanently from memory due to files overwritten process.

List of other reasons behind the loss of apps from Android tablet

  • Restore option: In Android tablet if you opt for restore option without having proper data backup, then your tablet will get back to previous state and results in loss of all data including recently installed apps too.
  • Formatting: It is a process of erasing all data stored in storage device. Suppose if you have formatted your Android tablet memory without having proper data backup then it results in loss of apps.
  • Virus attacks: In Android devices, virus attacks are very common thing, because of sharing data between other users, downloading apps without scanning them, etc. All these activities makes simpler to enter virus threats into your tablet and these threats corrupts file system which results in inaccessible device.

Whatever reasons behind the loss of apps from Android tablet you no need to worry; since you can easily recover them with the use of this Android Data Recovery application in few simple steps. This application supports major versions of Android Operating System and supports recovery of any data from any Android OS installed devices with safe and secure.

Special advantages of application are

  • Rich in user interface, easy and safe to use
  • Supports major version of Android OS including Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, etc
  • Provides free technical assistance via email and live chat applications
  • Keeps your data safe

Note: Before purchasing this product, you can make use of demo version which is freely available in websites. This demo version allows you to perform deleted apps recovery from your Android tablet device and even it displays all restored apps and files once recovery process is done, but does not allow you to save them unless activating the tool. However, by utilizing demo version you can ensure whether application is capable to recover data or not.

Best Application to Execute SD Card Recovery APK File  

Have you lost an APK file from Android mobile? Do you want to retrieve lost APK file? Don’t worry you get an easy solution if you make use of this reliable recover APK tool. This recover APK software is the new version of Android software that aids in recovery of APK file.  You can apply this recover APK program to restore lost APK files form Android OS like 4.1.x Jelly Bean, 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich, 2.2 Froyo, 2.3.x Gingerbread, etc with utmost ease.

Most of the people own mobile phones with the Android Operating system in these days. People can do so much more with this Android Smartphone, it is little wonder than many complain of feeling lost when the phone’s battery dies or they forget to bring it with them when they go out. Photos, contact details, appointment calendars and other information are only a fraction of the important information people keep on their cellular phone. All these files will be stored on the Android Smartphone SD card. Sometimes this SD card will suffer data damage. This can happen because of number of reasons. Use of recover APK software as mentioned above in this post can solve this issue in few minutes. This application works by the advanced scanning algorithm that has an ability to rescue videos, music, videos and other multimedia files from SD card with ease. Other than multimedia files, it is possible to execute SD card recovery APK operation with the support of this recover APK toolkit within a matter of few minutes.

Now let us go through what are the reasons that is responsible for loss of APK files

When you restore Android Smartphone SD card to its factory settings by selecting “Factory Data Reset” option then it can result in deletion of all present APK files along with other Android data. If you modify the expansion files when you are processing the uploading operation to upload the files then it leads to corruption that submitted to cause inaccessibility. While installing the files in to the Android Smartphone, a few of the malwares may attack your Android phone. These viruses remove your APK file or may alter the entire structure from the APK file in your Android phone. Formatting SD card without having the back of all the essential files leads erasure of all the files including APK file preserved on it.

Some of the outstanding features of this recover APK toolkit

Recover APK is specially designed and introduced by expert group of technical professionals and widely accepted by customers to execute APK file recovery. Furthermore, with the support of this highly sophisticated program you can easily retrieve APK files from Android Tablet such as Asus Padfone, Sony Tablet P, Asus Transformer Prime, LG Optimus Pad, etc with ease. This utility can easily rescue different file formats from SD card that includes Documents (DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, CSS, XLS, XLSX), Photo files (JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP etc.) media files (MP3, AVI, AIFF, AIF, MPEG, MPG, MOV, M4V) and others.  It is very easy to recover deleted APK file with the help of this recover APK application. This wizard can be utilized to revive APK file from all Android Smart phones of the brands like HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Micromax and many others.

Trustworthy Tool for Recovering Deleted App on Android

Hello friends, I have an Android phone with me. I have erased a vital application from my Android device. It happened when I was deleting some unessential files from my Android phone, and erroneously ended up selecting important application. I want to get back that erased application. Can anybody please propose me a best idea to restore erased application from my Android phone?

In case you are facing a same problem as expressed above, then don’t get annoyed. Just take the support of Android retrieval application. It’s an exceedingly powerful and safest retrieval tool, which can be utilized to get back erased application from Android gadgets. The product can be utilized to restore erased applications from both Smart telephones and in addition Tablets. Therefore it’s a right application, if you want to get back an erased application on Android gadgets. Before commencing with the features of Android application, let’s discuss some of the vital scenarios because of which applications get erased from Android devices.

Possible reasons for the deletion of Android apps:

  • Accidental erasure: This is one of the basic reasons because of which applications get erased from Android gadget. Most of the times, while erasing out undesirable stuff from Android device coincidentally important applications will be chosen, and the chosen application will get erase.
  • Restore factory settings: If you reset the factory settings of your Android gadget, then all the information along with the applications will get erase from the Android gadget.
  • Other viewpoints: There are few more reasons, for example, antivirus deletion, erasure of applications by faulty third part tools, formatting, and so on.

In addition to these, there are lots of other reasons which will result to erasure of app from Android gadget. But you don’t have to get frustrated in any of the cases, because with the assistance of Android retrieval program you can effortlessly get back erased application in few minutes. The most imperative fact that must be noted is, this Android retrieval program must be installed on Windows PC, and to that computer you need to connect your Android device and recover deleted APK files.

Android retrieval application includes these below described features:

  • Android retrieval program is a presumed tool which is utilized for restoring erased apps from Android devices.
  • The program can be utilized to restore different kinds of files including video clips, pictures, audios, APK files, and so on.
  • It can restore erased applications from different versions of Android OS including Jelly Bean, Froyo, Éclair, Gingerbread, Cupcake, Ice Cream Sandwich, and so on.
  • It’s an amicable application which can be utilized without any sort of aid or special abilities.
  • It has been incorporated with a powerful scanning engine, which scans the entire storage media of Android gadget and restores erased apps in an exceptionally effective way.

Log on to the site, and download the trial version of this Android retrieval application on your Windows PC. Connect the Android device to Windows PC and restore erased applications. In case you feel satisfied by its performance then purchase its licensed version.

Recover Deleted APK File

APK stands for Application Package File. This APK is a file format that is used by the Android OS for installing applications. APK file has many advantages. Suppose if your Android device does not support Google Store Play then this APK file allows you to install software on your device. This APK file even bypasses the difficulties to access Google updates that take more time to receive through network. But the frustration thing is that this APK might get deleted from your Android device because of several issues that might be causes either by mistake or intentional. When you come across such situations do not be panic!! Stay relaxed. Get an easy solution by recovering deleted APK file from Android with the help of reliable third part toolkit.

On selecting the most reliable recovery tool to recover deleted APK file is most important because if you select some untrustworthy tool then it can again lead to still more difficult situation. Started searching for the good recovery tool to get back deleted APK file? Don’t worry, it is the recommendation from many industrial experts to prefer this APK file recovery software as it has equipped with advanced features. APK file recovery program make use of the best recovery algorithm that has an ability to recover deleted APK files from Android devices within a fraction of minutes.

Some of the causes that lead of deletion of APK file are mentioned here: Deletion of APK files because of formatting storage device on Android phone. If you save the APK files on externally attached memory device instead of internal memory then formatting the device results in deletion of all the files including APK files that are preserved on it. Sometimes you might have installed an antivirus application in order to get rid of viruses on your Android device but while scanning these antivirus programs may delete your APK file without giving any notification. Restoring Android device to its factory setting also results in deletion of APK file from Android device.

You can find several such cases where APK file gets deleted from Android device. Nothing matter, how the APK file is deleted from Android device. You can easily overcome this issue if you take the advantage of this reliable APK file recovery software.

Important functionalities of this APK file recovery wizard

APK file recovery tool is considered as the most confident tool to get back deleted APK file from Android device. This program has an ability to recover APK files from different versions of Android and unlike other recovery applications it requires very less time to complete the recovery process. This program enables you to restore different types of deleted files that include captured images on Android such as JPEG, PNG, JPG, TIF and various types of RAW file types. APK file recovery program has an ability to retrieve deleted APK file from HTC one X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola, Micromax, Acer, Google Nexus, LG Nexus, Sony and other Android based Smartphone’s within a fraction of minutes. APK file recovery tool make use of unique file signature search to identify and helps to get back deleted app with ease.

How to Perform Recovery of Lost Apps from Android

Few days back an unknown error made me to lose some important apps from my Android phone, and the apps which I lost from it were paid once i.e. I purchased them by paying money. I don’t how this happened, and I got very much annoyed after seeing this. But somehow I tackled this issue, which means I recovered those lost applications from my Android phone. Below I have shared the information on restoring the lost apps from Android, have a look over it.

If you have lost applications from Android device then do not worry, just use Android recovery tool and recover them easily. Android recovery tool is a reliable third party software that can easily recover apps and all other lost data from Android devices.

Some important reasons that make you to lose applications from Android devices are mentioned below:

  • By restoring Android device to its factory settings: “Restore Factory Settings” is an option that comes in all electronic gadgets, even the Android devices includes this option. If this restoring option is selected then entire data will get lost from Android device you will even lose the important apps from it.
  • Antivirus deletion: Antivirus application is used to eliminate the virus from Android device, but sometimes this antivirus may also lead to severe loss i.e. when a virus infects any application of Android device then to remove the virus from it you may scan the Android device using antivirus. During the scanning process antivirus will delete severely infected application from it.
  • Other aspects: Therearesomeother aspects, which include improper handling of Android devices, formatting of android devices etc.      

Using Android recovery tool, is it possible to recover deleted APK files? 

Yes, certainly it is possible. Using Android recovery software you can easily recover deleted APK files in an effective manner.

Important features of Android recovery application are discussed below:

  • This amazing Android recovery software includes the capability of recovering lost or deleted apps from Android phone.
  • Apart from APK files, this tool can recover photos, music, videos etc.
  • It’s an effective recovery software that can recover APK files from various versions of Android OS, including Jelly Bean, Eclair, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, and KitKat etc.
  • The APK files that’s been lost or deleted from memory card of Android device can also be restored.
  • It’s a user friendly recovery application; hence no assistance is required for recovering lost apps on Android devices.
  • In a very short time, this tool can recover lost or deleted apps from Android device.
  • It’s an award winning Android recovery utility.

Note: To recover APK files from Android device, this tool should be installed on Windows computer and then Android device is to be connected to it. This recovery application is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 etc.

Try the demo version of this Android recovery tool, which is available on web. If you get satisfactory results from demo version then buy its licensed version to avail more benefits.