How to Perform Lost Partition Recovery?

“Yesterday, my system was attacked by harmful virus and I have feature-free-partition-recovery-1-blost all my data on the partition. How can I do lost partition recovery? I need to get back my lost files from the partition!”

Generally, the partition is something necessary while operating system and saving data on it. A hard drive can be divided into multiple storage parts known as partitions. Partition creates separation between the operating system and program files from the user files, to have multiple file systems, to have multi-boot setup, to reduce the access time which in turn increases the system performance and many other benefits.

When it comes to the partition of the hard drive, there are several partitioning tools available in the market like Disk Management Utility for Windows OS. These tools allow users to create, delete, format, undelete, compress, expand, and merge partitions. Hence, it is helpful for creating disk space for new OS and shaking up disk space as per your necessity.  However, using such partitioning tools or partition repairing tools can be disastrous also as any kind of error during partitioning process may corrupt your partition and lead to loss of files from the partition. This may lead to loss, corruption and inaccessibility of your vital data. Losing partitions on a hard drive or external hard drive is a recurring situation wherein where users lose their important data which are saved on those partitions. If you are facing such situations then use Lost Partition Recovery software to recover lost partition data with utmost easy.

In Which Circumstances, You Need to Opt for Lost Partition Recovery Software?

  • Deleting a partition by accidental pressing of Shift+ Del keys.
  • Accidentally selecting a partition with essential files instead of unnecessary partition and clicking on “Delete” option.
  • Using unreliable third party applications like partition / repartitioning tool, defragmentation tool, antivirus software, etc. on the system.
  • Unnecessary format or reformat of the hard drive, accidentally picking up an incorrect partition for formatting will remove partition data completely.
  • Inappropriate way of re-naming and re-partitioning may end up with a loss of partition data.
  • Hard drive partition may go vanished after an error in file system conversion or resizing operation.
  • Virus infection is the common reasons behind data loss due to missing or corrupt partition.

Users may lose hard disk drive partitions by encountering different scenarios as mentioned above. Losing important partitions from hard disk drive or external hard drive is a drastic situation. But, such situations, can be avoided to the great extent by being careful while accessing hard drive partition data. Yet, many users still surprise how to perform lost partition recovery on the hard drive or external hard drive without losing a single file? In such case, you can use Lost Partition Recovery software to recover lost partition data within few clicks of the mouse.

Tips for recovering data from Lost Partitions:

  • Don’t create additional partitions when you need to recover a deleted, lost or missing partition to avoid any overwriting of data.
  • Don’t try to repair a partition, this may result in loss of vital data from the partition.
  • Always keep the backup of hard drive partitions data on some storage device to avoid such issue.

Features of Lost Partition Recovery software:

  • Lost Partition Recovery is built with effective recovery techniques that will accurately scan the system hard drive for lost partitions with utmost ease.
  • The utility is also capable of recovering hard disk drive partitions formatted with NTFS, FAT 32, ExFAT, FAT 16, NTFS5, etc. file system within few clicks of the mouse on all major versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, 8.1, 8, 10, 7, etc.
  • Lost Partition Recovery facilitates you an easy and safe recovery of data from the lost partition on both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • The software provides you a “preview” option via which you can preview the recovered lost partition data before saving it to the desired location.
  • Lost Partition Recovery has the capability to resume the recovery process at any time using “Save Recovery Session” feature. This guarantees that you need not rescan the drive to detect lost hard drive partition data.
  • It also recovers data from the lost partition of the hard drive of various popular brands such as Seagate, Buffalo, Maxtor, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Western Digital, etc.

Find and Recover Deleted Files from USB Flash Drive

Have you ever accidentally deleted important files from USB flash drive and fed up in searching the best recovery tool? If yes, then you stepped in right place, here’s the most reliable and trustworthy software named Best Flash Drive Recovery software which helps you to recover your deleted files from USB flash drive with ease manner.

Recover deleted files from flash driveUSB flash drive is a small portable external storage drive used to store a large amount of data such as images, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, office files, etc. It holds so many features like high storage capacity, high data transfer rate, flexibility and portability when compared to other flash drives. Even though it has so many advantages but the worst issue with this is data loss from it. There are several unexpected reasons which result in the deletion of important files from USB flash drive.

It doesn’t matter how the data gets deleted from it, under such scenarios in order to find deleted files from flash drive use this reliable third party application which helps you to recover deleted files from a flash drive with few mouse clicks.

Common reasons for the deletion of files from USB flash drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: The worst scenario behind the deletion of data from USB flash drive is accidental deletion i.e. while deleting some unwanted or junk folders or files user might accidentally select some important files and hit deletion option.
  • File Transfer Interruption: At the time of transferring the files from USB flash drive to systems hard drive and vice versa if any interruption occurs like abrupt system shutdown, improper ejection of USD flash drive etc. Then it results in the loss of important files from it.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are nothing but small sectors on the flash drive which makes the drive neither readable not writable. It makes the flash drive inaccessible and results in the deletion of files from Flash drive.
  • File System Corruption: With having proper technical knowledge if you try to convert the file system then it results in the corruption of file system. Due to this, you have to format the flash drive which results in the deletion of all important files from it.
  • Other Reasons: Some other reasons like virus attacks, improper handling of flash drives, software conflicts, logical errors, defragmentation failure, etc. are also responsible for the deletion of files from USB flash drive.

Salient Features of Best Flash Drive Recovery Tool:

This software is used recover deleted files from flash drive on both Windows OS (such as Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, etc.) and Mac operating system including Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc. It consists of advanced scanning algorithms which scan the entire flash drive and recovers data from it in hassle free manner. This application is used for recovering deleted files such as audio, video, images, documents, spreadsheets, office files, etc. This reliable tool is used to retrieve deleted files from various brands of flash drives such as Transcend, Lexar, Samsung, Kingston, etc. Beyond flash drives, this software is also used to recover deleted or lost files from various storage drives like pen drives, FireWire drives, iPods, external hard drives, memory sticks, etc. This application consists of save recovery session feature which is used to skip the re-scanning process of the flash drive and a preview option to preview the recovered files.

What is the Basic Difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air?

Microsoft newly introduced Windows 10 based Surface Pro 4 tablet which added to its special features like It’s designed for real work in content creation, CAD/CAM and virtually anywhere else you require the full power of a 6th generation Intel i7, i5, Core m3 processor. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is fifty percents faster than MacBook Air which is newly introduced by Apple.Inc. Let’s we discuss about some basic difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air as follows,

Some Difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air:


First of all Surface Pro 4 has a high resolution touch display about 2736 by 1824 which is protected by the advanced Corning Gorilla Glass 4 but the MacBook Air only contains medium resolution non touchable display compared to Microsoft surface (resolution 1440 by 900). The MacBook Air 13-inch is extremely thin and narrowing from 0.11 at the front to 0.68 inches at the back of the system. The Surface Pro 4 is 0.33 inches thick. The open MacBook Air has a width of 12.8 inches and height of 8.94 inches likewise the Surface Pro 4 measures 7.93 inches wide and 11.5 inches high in portrait mode.


The Surface Pro 4 is designed with number of ports which includes a microSD card reader, a USB 3.0 port, and a Mini Display Port. But the MacBook Air 13-inch has only a few ports with SDXC card slot, two USB 3.0 connections and a Thunderbolt 2 port.

Operating System:

MacBook Air 13-inch runs on their Apple company latest OS version named OS X EI Capitan and the Surface Pro 4 run on their respective Windows system named Windows 10 effectively. Both are having same size of Random Access Memory (RAM) about 4GB which helps to increase the processing speed compared to previous models of these products.

Processor Name:

MacBook Air 13 inch contains high speed Intel Core i5-5250U processor. The Surface Pro 4 contains has advanced Intel’s Skylake processing unit with Core M3, i5, i7which is faster than MacBook Air 13 inch.

Storage Capacity:

The Surface Pro 4 has many configurations from the special processors to the storage capacity like 512GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB. The MacBook Air comes in two storage capacity like 256GB and 128GB options.

Graphics Manufacturer:

Both Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and MacBook Air 13 inch are designed with same Intel graphics mechanism.

Battery Rundown:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 contains battery which has 9 hours rundown capacity but MacBook Air has 17 hours battery life which is better than Surface Pro 4 based on battery life.

How to Recover Data after Flash Drive Not Formatted Error?

You all may know that flash drive is a storage equipment that is connected externally to computers. It is small in size and it has the capability to store large data. The storage capacity of each flash drives can vary with respect to another. Because of its compact size and huge memory storage capacity, you may keep of your data in that flash drive.Flash Drive Not Formatted

Even though it has many advantages, the chances for flash drive corruption is high. Many of you may have come across this type of error message, stating that “The flash drive not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”. If you have facing this problem and trying to rectify it, make use of “Portable Drive Recovery” tool. This application can retrieve your data from hard drives that are not getting mounted. There are several other reasons in which your flash drive may get corrupt.

Reasons behind Flash Drive Corruption:

  • Unethical Formatting: Say for example, you are trying to format your flash drive. At that time your computer got froze before the formatting process got completed. In this situation, you will be forced to restart your system. As a result of this situation, the files stored in that hard drive may become inaccessible.
  • Abrupt Ejection: You will be provided with an option called “Safely Remove hardware”, which helps you to eject your flash drives safely. In some case, if you eject your USB drive in an inappropriate way, then there are chances for your data to get lost along with that drive.
  • Changing Drive Format: The default format of most of the flash drives is FAT32 file system. Sometimes for using in Mac computers, you may change its file system. Formatting the flash drive often to change the file format will result in that flash drive to get corrupted. As a result, the data stored in that drive will be lost.
  • MBR Corruption: MBR means Master Boot Record. It is a special type of boot sector created at the first partitioning of the computer. It holds the logical information of the partitions. If this MBR gets corrupted, then that pen drive may became inaccessible.

Prominent Features of this Recovery Tool:

Portable Drive Recovery tool can retrieve data from different types of USB drives, memory card, hard disk etc. This tool provides “Save Recovery Session” method. Using this option you can proceed your recovery process without rescanning your files from the beginning. While recovering your files, this tool does not make any changes to your original data. Instead of that, it collects the contents from the file, recover them and creates anew copy of that file. This tool can recover deleted files from all brands of flash drives such as Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP, etc. Your recovered files can be previewed actually before saving it.

Tips to Avoid Flash Drive Corruption:

• Do not remove your flash drive in an unprofessional manner.
• Always use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to eject your drive.
• Try to scan your drive with trusted anti-virus software.
• Don’n use any untrusted third party applications to access your flash card contents.

Find an Easy Way to Recover Lost Files from Recycle Bin

Microsoft Windows is an advanced and secure operating system which is facilitated with many amazing attributes and makes them popular. But sometimes, if you accidentally delete any files or folders from Windows system it directly is moved into Recycle Bin. If you have deleted or lost files from Recycle Bin of your Windows computer that contains your valuable data. But no worry! You can simply recover all deleted or lost files and folders within short time duration by using Recycle Bin Recovery software.

Recycle Bin Recovery software is most dependable third party software, which has powerful data recovery facility that your Windows operating system does not. This utility can easily get back all files that are deletion from your Windows PC. This amazing tool that helps in Windows Recycle Bin recovery after losing files from the recycle bin, hard disk corruption, formatting the drive, bad sectors etc.

Common Reasons behind data loss in Windows Recycle Bin:

Emptying of Recycle Bin: Sometimes, while you are restoring files from Recycle Bin. There are chances that you might accidental press Empty Recycle Bin option instead of Restore option. Due to this mistake it leads to deletion of entire data from your Windows system.

Deletion by using Shift + Delete Option: At times, while viewing some files from your Windows computer you may find some are unwanted files. So you may delete those files by using Shift + Delete key combination. But later you may realize that you have deleted some important files along with the unwanted once, and you may try to find those files on Windows Recycle Bin folder but found none, because once you delete any file using Shift + Delete key combination they will bypass the Recycle Bin and results in deletion of valuable files.

Using of Third Party Tool: If you use any un-trusted third party tool to restore files from Windows Recycle Bin. Then there is high chance for deletion of files from Windows Recycle Bin folder, due to which you may face data loss.

Virus Infection: If your system is severely infected by virus. Then there are possibilities that you might use a powerful antivirus tool to get rid all those data from your system. But if it is severely infected than your antivirus tool may delete them.

Salient Features of Recycle Bin Recovery Software:

  • All the above mentioned scenarios can be easily resolved by employing this reliable software known as Recycle Bin Recovery.
  • This tool can recover all types of files such as pictures, videos, music files, documents and many more from Recycle Bin in Windows.
  • It can restore files from various Windows operating system for example Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc.
  • This software has a advanced search engine which helps scans each and every sector of the hard drive to find the deleted or lost files from then Recycle Bin in Windows system.

Some Tips to Avoid Data Loss Issue:

  • Always take regular backup of important files, in order to avoid data loss.
  • Keep your system virus free by using any powerful antivirus tool.

Best Software to Recover Files

File loss can occur either due to hardware or logical damage of the drive. File loss resulting from logical failure includes the things like accidental deletion, format drive, problems raised due to viruses or operating system errors. When this situation occurs everyone will be in thinking on how to recover files? Start looking for the way to get back lost files? But those days are gone forever. Now stop searching for the recovery solution and get this priceless software to recover lost/deleted files with ease. This file recovery application is designed for kinds of logistical issues to recover important files and folders within a fraction of few minutes. File recovery utility gives you a comprehensive resolution at an affordable price.

Now let us go through some of the factors that results in loss/deletion of files

  • Lost files due to reformatting process
  • Error appeared during partitioning or repartitioning process
  • Any sort of obstruction of file transfer process
  • Corrupted file system
  • Damaged Memory card or Memory card in inaccessible state
  • Presence of bad sectors on the hard drive
  • Emptied Recycle Bin folder
  • Inappropriate shutdown of PC
  • Memory card error due to turning off the camera unexpectedly
  • Lost files because of using the same SD card on different cameras or devices

Find out lost files from Memory card

File recovery wizard is immensely useful recovery tool that helps in restoring all you lost or deleted files from different memory cards including SD card, CF card, XD card, etc. with various brands such like Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung and many more. This toolkit is also applicable to recuperate files from mobile phones, cameras, mp4 and other devices. Offers a professional solution to retrieve images, photos, videos, music and other media files lost due to formatting card, card corruption, etc. You can apply this tool to rescue lost files from digital cameras like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Casio and other brands.

Get back files from Android

Nowadays Android phone is turned more like a storage device with many of snapped pictures, videos, audios, mails, latest exciting apps, messages and so on. Situation like losing or accidentally deleting file has become the most common issue that most of the Android users face. Therefore to deal with situations like this, file recovery program is available which is especially designed and developed to recover lost or deleted files from Android devices like mobile phones and tablets. This powerful and sophisticated file recovery software vigorously scans both internal and external phone memories of the device and then recognizes deleted and lost Android file including the Android application package file i.e. (APK) file.

Most important tips to avoid loss of files

  • Immediately stop using storage device after data loss
  • Downloading and installing of recovery program must be performed on the different drive
  • Use an updated antivirus tool to free from harmful viruses
  • Never use an unauthorized recovery application to restore files

Technique to Find Missing Files

The most popular way of storing files in these days is storing it in computer hard drive or in safe external storage device. But sometimes people unable to find their stored files due to some known or sometimes because of unknown reasons. What to do, in case if you have lost any essential files during this loss scenario. Then you are certainly looking for the tool that can easily bring back your lost files in healthy condition. Before selecting any data recovery tool, you should make sure of one thing that it is reliable and efficient enough to rescue your lost files. Most of the industry expert recommended Remo File Recovery application to bring back files that you are unable to find on your Windows system. With the easy user interface of this tool, only the normal computer literate people can rescue their lost files. By the help of this application it is easy recover files including images, videos, music files and many others.

Virus infection on Windows system is a common situation. There are plenty of ways through which virus can be entered inside hard disk of your system. Once any nasty virus infected the hard disk partition it starts spreading through the entire memory block of the storage device. Lastly you found all the data resides inside hard drive has been infected by that malicious virus. It happens when you are not using any updated antivirus tool in your system. After such infection of data may be inaccessible or sometimes a hard disk drives partition may get corrupted.  It may lead to severe loss of data from Windows system due to little unconsciousness.

Suppose you found several unwanted files stored over your computer hard drive. In case you are seeking memory space to store more data and unable due to hard drive has reached its storage capacity then you have only few options either to create backup of some files and delete those files from hard disk partition or simply delete the useless files. If you have selected 2nd option that to delete unwanted files and select some needless files to delete then you have to make sure that selected files are only useless one. Sometimes you may have deleted any vital files during this deletion process and also before restoring it from Recycle Bin folder; you have emptied this deleted items folder. Now you cannot find this files after such happening, if you want to know how to find missing files? Then make use of above discussed tool. A tutorial describing the recovery process of this utility is available on YouTube and mentioned below.

Best Tool to Recover Deleted Files from SD card

Sometimes users of various media devices face file deletion from SD card of their gadgets. Once you delete any files either knowingly or unknowingly, you cannot roll back it normally by using any system or device provide tools. If deleted files are vital one then you must feel frustrate. In such cases you are surely looking for an efficient tool that is capable of restoring data after deletion from SD card. Memory Card Recovery utility is an advanced featured application to bring back your deleted data in just couple of mouse clicks. This tool can recover all kinds of data from SD card such as images, music files, video clips and many others.

Accidental deletion of files from SD card is a frequent scenario, where users of latest gadgets can lose their number of files in single instance. As nowadays media devices are coming with various advanced functionalities, sometimes during verification of these functions accidentally you may select “delete all” option and face loss of data because of little unconsciousness. If you have lost any of important data like pictures of your memorable moments, your adorable song collection then this deletion is certainly not bearable for you. If you want to bring back these deleted files then you need to utilize the above described application that is skilled enough to rescue deleted files from SD card. If you want to learn through a video to rescue deleted files from SD card then you also you can access it on YouTube.

Data deletion from SD card is common phenomenon. Sometimes when you find severe virus infection on SD Card of your media device, then you may use any antivirus tool to get rid of these nasty malware.  In case you have enabled “delete virus infected files” option in your antivirus application, then after scanning you may face deletion of any vital files from SD card of your electronic device.

Memory Card Recovery application is the latest software program that deals with recovery of deleted data from SD card in almost all deleted scenarios. Easy user interface of this tool make the use of this utility easier for users. Recovered data can be saved in any of your desired location after recovery.