Expert Solution to Retrieve Lost Photos

In the short span of life in this fast moving world, people are almost busy every time. But they still find out some time to spend with their family and friends. And those moments are precious to them, and for the same reason they will try to preserve most of those memories by capturing it using digital cameras. We have numerous camera brands and digital storage devices to make this happen. The world has provided us with many major innovations that would simply take away the perceptions of people’s mind. Like the changeover we see with the quality of cameras to take high quality pictures and similarly the evolution of digital storage devices (external hard disk, USB pen drive, memory card, etc.).

What will be your state of mind? If one day you see the preserved memories in your storage device disappeared for some reason that is unknown to you. Simple word of disappointment is very inappropriate in these circumstances. People are aware about the chances they have to retrieve lost photos but they have not reached an ideal solution yet. If you are not an expert to deal with this problem. The first thing you can do is taking backups of your photos regularly in any of the sources. But in case if you don’t have a backup due to any reason, here is an expert solution for you to restore or retrieve lost photos.

Retrieve Lost Photos utility is an ideal tool which offers you best solution for the storage devices like SD card, hard disk, pen drive, etc. in case of any photo loss scenario. I have made use of its features many number of times. And I thought it’s worth sharing this information to others, so that they can also get benefited. Knowing the different causes of photo loss will certainly help you to fight it out.

Photo loss situations in various storage devices:

  • Photo loss due to human made errors, deletion of photos accidentally by using the combination of Shift + Delete keys or accidental format of your hard drive.
  • Modifying any image by the use of unreliable third party tools may lead to photo loss.
  • If the defragmentation is incomplete, then the possibility of photos or files getting erased is really high.
  • Abrupt ejection of SD from the digital camera or card reader mounted to the system, when files are already opened.
  • If transfer of photos from SD card to hard disk is interrupted due to any reason, this might lead to loss of photos.
  • Capturing photos when camera is showing low in battery.
  • Photo loss may also occur due to formatting and reformatting of SD card.

Retrieve Lost Photos-Expert solution to retrieve lost photos:

Retrieve Lost Photos software is designed to recover or retrieve lost photos from the hard drive, USB pen drive, memory card and any other storage devices. It have a powerful scanning algorithm which allows complete scanning of the storage device by taking very less time. Industry experts are of the opinion that it is an easy method to recover lost pictures from the storage devices like hard disk, memory card, pen drive, etc.

Why is it called as an expert solution?

  • It provides a highly efficient and astonishing interface which never compromises in its performance at any stage giving much needed user friendliness.
  • It helps to retrieve deleted or lost photos from the storage devices and the recovered photos can be saved into any location desired by the user.
  • The trial version comes with all features except the save option of the recovered files. This version allows the user to preview lost images or photos.
  • Resuming capability is always an added advantage allowing the user to restart the scanning option from where it was left by saving the recovery session. This will be prompted at the time of close.
  • Preview option before saving the file helps to ensure whether the recovered file is healthy or not.

Can I Recover Deleted Photos from Canon EOS 50d?

“I have a Canon EOS 50d digital camera from which I accidentally deleted all the photos from its memory card. I now want these photos back from its SD card so there any simple ways of recovering it back again or have I deleted them permanently from my camera?”

Surely one can recover photos from a Canon EOS 50d camera by making use of a photo recovery software.

Besides recovering deleted photos, you can also recover lost photos from your Canon EOS 50d with a photo recovery software.

Here’s how simple the entire task of recovering photos from Canon EOS 50d really is!

This above used photo recovery software is one of the most preferred photo recovery application for Canon digital cameras and has the ability to recover deleted as well as lost photos from your Cano EOS 50d.

Canon EOS 50d is one of most powerful DLSR camera released by Canon. It’s mostly preferred by amateur and professional photographers around the world. It comes equipped with the most powerful sensor and ergonomics that make it easy for the user to click photos on the go.

This camera also has an external SD card slot where you can insert an SD card to save the photos. all photos that you click on this camera are saved onto this SD card. However, SD cards can lose data from it causing you to then recover them back again.

If you discover photos missing from your Canon EOS 50d then the only way how you can get back photos is by using a photo recover software. Photos can also go missing when you eject the SD card without selecting the safely remove option on the camera. Interrupting a photo transfer can also lead to photos going missing from your SD card.

Nevertheless, the above used software is one the best softwares you can find to recover back all your lost photos.

One can also lose photos from his camera due to deletion. The user might end up deleting the photos from his camera while browsing through them or might also delete the entire photos by formatting the card.

Either way it goes, you can always rely on the above software to recover back all your deleted photos from your Canon EOS 50d camera.  It doesn’t really matter what caused the photos to go missing, this software employs a powerful recover algorithm which was specifically designed for your Canon EOS 50d that promises a full recovery of all the photos from the SD card.

Features of this Canon EOS 50d Photo Recovery Software:

  • This software can also recover RAW photos from your SD card such as CR2 and CRW.
  • You can also recover JPEG photos that were either deleted or lost from your SD card.
  • All SD cards are supported by this software.
  • It can retrieve each and every photo off your SD card no matter how large the photo is.
  • The interface employed by this software is designed to reduce the number of mouse clicks required to recover the photos from your Canon EOS 50d.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Galaxy S4

I deleted all the photos from my Samsung Galaxy S4, I want to delete some unwanted photos but I hit Delete All by mistake and I lost each and every photo file. I have stored many of the photos which has captured in the last 2 months but now I lost them by hitting the delete all button accidentally. Now can I recover those photos deleted from my Samsung Galaxy S4? Is there any way to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile?

Photos are the very means to cherish your good olden days. Most of the Samsung Galaxy S4 user might have experienced loss of photos in their daily life due to deletion which they store on the Samsung devices. When you delete any of the photos from Samsung Galaxy S4, do not be panic photo recovery software will help you to know how to recover deleted pictures from Galaxy S4 within a few clicks.

Now let us go through the cases by which you may delete photos from the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.

  • Sometimes you might be viewing nice pictures, but suddenly you delete it as you click on the wrong option of delete button
  • Deleting the photos as it shows any data error and disables you to access it
  • Accidentally deleted the photos rather than deleting the other unimportant ones
  • Deletion of photos occurs with some other unknown reasons during transferring process
  • Mistakenly delete all photos when you just want the delete some
  • Just pressed on the format option which leads to the deletion of photos stored on it
  • If you factory reset the Samsung galaxy S4 mobile then all the photos or other files gets deleted from them

But luckily all the photos which you have captured from the Samsung Galaxy S4 are stored on the memory card by default. When the delete command is issued to the selected files then the operating system will not destroys those files but instead the OS label the deleted photos as expendable to free up the memory of those files which is occupied to store new files on some point in the future. The deleted photos still remain intact and can be recovered easily. Hence it is suggested to not to capture any of the new photos from the mobile until it is recovered by using photo recovery software.

More about deleted photo recovery software

Deleted photo recovery software is capable of retrieving deleted photos from Samsung galaxy S4, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, etc.  In addition to photo recovery it is also possible to recover deleted music, video, audio files without any quality loss. Before purchasing the full version, you are permitted to preview all the recovered files so that you can check whatever files you need it back.

Software to Retrieve Photos from HTC

HTC is one of the popular Android Smartphone. It has committed to create high quality products and offers a good customer experience. HTC has produced many Android phones like HTC Sensation, Android Incredible, HTC Inspire, HTC EVO, HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, HTC Thunderbolt, etc. Unlike other devices HTC also prone to loss of photo files which can be caused by many reasons. Let us assume one of such situations like, you had been to your native to attend your brother’s son’s first birthday function. You have captured many photos of this wonderful event from your HTC mobile phone, as it gives a high quality pixel. Those were the most tremendous moments of your life that you would never like to miss a single moment of it. After returning, you wish to view all those photos and delete the other unwanted photos which were stored on it. While performing this operation, in hurry you select the delete all option that results in deletion of all the photos from your HTC phone. It will be really frustrating state, just a click has landed you in such a distrusting situation.

Some of the scenarios that leads to the loss of photos from HTC phone

  • When the memory card of the HTC phone is connected to the system for transferring some of the photos, sometimes you might accidentally format the device by choosing the format option that results in loss of all the photos from the HTC phone.
  • Usage of some unauthenticated antivirus application to get rid from the dangerous viruses will delete severely infected photos without giving any notification, while scanning for harmful viruses.
  • Loss of photos due to the corruption of memory card of the HTC phone.
  • HTC phone showing “Blank Media” or “Unsupported File system” of Memory card.
  • Sudden shut down of the system while transferring photo files from the HTC phone to the system drive due to instant power supply.
  • Improper execution of cut and paste operation in transferring process.
  • Loss of photo files due to restore factory settings on HTC phone.
  • Virus infected HTC phone.
  • Human errors

How to recover photos from HTC phone

The fact is that once the photos are lost from the HTC phone, they are not erased permanently from the drive. The deleted data is marked as useless and marked as blank for the new files to overwrite. Hence if you have not used the HTC phone intensively after deletion, the photo files remain and can be easily recovered by using the proper photo recovery software. This photo recovery software is built with the advanced built in algorithm that scans the entire drive and helps in retrieving photos from HTC phone within a couple of minutes.

Some of the key features of this HTC photo recovery software

HTC photo recovery software restores all the lost or deleted photo files on the basis of their name, size, date of creation, extensions that are used with them. It supports recovery of photo files from different brands of HTC phone like HTC Desire HD, My Touch, HTC Incredible, EVO, HD7, HTC EVO 4G, Thunderbolt, Pure, Tattoo, Wildfire, Touch Pro, HTC Hero, etc. It also supports to recover photos from android tablet easily.

Easy Way to Recover Photo

It is commonly said that pictures express more than words. It helps people to recall their memorable moment of past. Now, with the advent of digital camera it is very easy to take pictures of some memorable moments. Digital camera has completely changed the way people used to take pictures. It is very convenient and safe to store picture on digital camera, but we cannot deny that there is some occasions where you may lose photos from your digital camera. Suppose if you are facing such type of problem then no need to worry about this as there is recovery software, by making use of which you can easily recover lost photos from your camera. Recover Photo is one of the available tools, which is specially designed for picture recovery from you camera.

There could be many reasons from where you can lose your pictures from your digital camera or mobile phone. Some of them, which are most commonly occurring are accidental deletion, file system corruption, accidental formatting of memory card, error while transferring photos and many more. The lost images can be recovered from your memory card it does not matter for what reason you have lost your photos. The only think you should keep in your mind is stop using camera from taking further images to avoid overwriting. Because, if once overwriting occurs it is difficult to get back lost images.

Accidental deletion is one of the most commonly occurring cause which leads to pictures loss from your Samsung Galaxy S3. Since memory space of SD card is little and sometimes user wants to delete some useless photos from memory to empty it. While doing that, it generally happens that you may end up in deleting some precious images.  Needless to mention that loss of such images is very painful for users. But fortunately by making use of proficient tool you can recover pictures from Samsung galaxy s3.

Most of the occasions, when you connect your camera memory card to your system then, an alert window pops up saying that “Memory card not recognized. Do you want to format it now?” if you clicks on yes button then all the data stored on memory stick is deleted in just fraction of seconds. After this event you must be pondering how to recover lost snap shot then recover photo is one of the solutions. File system corruption is another possible way where you can lose your images stored on memory card, once the file system of card is corrupted then you are not able to access data stored on that storage device. To get rid of such type of situations you should use recover photo software which is specially designed to handle situation like this.

This tool is capable enough to recover lost images from hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive and many others memory cards.  It supports various image file format including DNG, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CR2, CRW, NEF, SR2, ORF, MRW, 3FR, RAW, X3F, PEF, RAF, KDC, K25, DCR and ARW. This tool works effectively on various brands of memory card Canon, Dane-Elect, Duracell, Fujifilm, Garmin, HP, Kingston and many more. You can preview the recovered photos by making use of preview option of the tool.

How to recover pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 flash card?

Flash card is a small but efficient media storage device. It can be used in various media devices such as mobile phones, digital camera and many others. It is mainly used for storing pictures, songs and videos. Despite of having all the advantages you can lose several files from flash card. There are numerous reasons in which someone may lose their vital media files. Formatting of flash card is one major cause of picture loss from memory card. Sometimes while verifying the functionality of media device such as cell phones you may accidentally hit the format option. After such accidental formatting you will lose all the data present on the flash card. In this formatting scenario you may lose some of your unforgettable pictures, if the loss of those images is not bearable for you, then this situation really harsh you. But even in this situation don’t get frustrated!!! As Picture Recovery Software is an efficient tool that can easily bring back your unforgettable images in couple of minutes.

Accidental deletion of pictures is possible from memory chip of media device. When you find there is no more space to store new pictures then you must search for the useless pictures stored on memory card. After finding such needless files, along with unwanted images if you have deleted any vital images then it leads to loss of vital images. Images deleted from memory chip of mobile phones cannot reside inside any deleted items folder, so you are unable to restore it from any place. Lastly you are going to lose your memorable pictures. If you wish to recover those pictures then you need to utilize the above mentioned application.

Virus infection on memory card is most common image loss scenario. Sometimes when you attach flash card of media device to the computer via memory card reader, if the system is having any virus infection then that particular virus may enter in the memory card and infect it. After getting infected by that malicious virus, it replicates itself throughout the memory chip. Lastly it infects all the images and data present on the memory card. After such infection there might have chance that all the images become inaccessible or even flash card become inaccessible or corrupted. In order to recovery of pictures on flash card you can use the tool mentioned above.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the latest mobile phones supplied by Samsung. Sometimes you have deleted any image files on Samsung Galaxy S3 phone; if you have deleted any memorable pictures during this deletion process then you can lose the photo. As, there is no way to bring back those deleted photos. If you want to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3, which may have deleted knowingly or unknowingly then you can use the above discussed efficient application.

Picture Recovery Software is an advanced featured application to rescue lost or deleted photos from memory card and different media devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. Even after recovery of images you can store it any of your desired location. This tool is supported by almost all the popular version of Windows based system.