PNY Memory Card  Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Files

pnyHave you lost your files from PNY card? Are you looking a reliable solution to overcome from this problem? Do you want to get back your data from PNY memory card? If yes, then read this article because here I am describing an efficient method by which you can easily recover your deleted or lost data from PNY card. In order to perform data recovery from PNY card, there is no manual may. So you need to make the use of an efficient utility like Card Memory Recovery. It is one of the advanced tool which is capable to restore each bit of data from PNY memory card as it was previously. This software has built with an advanced scanning algorithm which performs deep scanning of PNY memory cards and restore which can be deleted or lost due to formatting, accidental deletion, power surge, virus infection, file system corruption and many other.

It is also advised you that after the deletion or loss of information from PNY memory card, stop the use of it because once the deleted file is overwritten with new info, then there is very less chance for restoring that overwritten information. After deletion of data from memory card, file still exist there and the entry from file table gets removed. Due to this reason, you can easily perform PNY memory card recovery, which contains various types of information including, images, videos, audios, text, etc.

Causes behind data deletion or loss from PNY memory card:

Unintentional formatting: During formatting some other drive connected with the system by mistake if you end up with wrongly selection of PNY memory card and format it, then the complete data save in it become unreachable.

Power Surge: At the time of moving the data from PNY memory card to the computer or vice versa, if system shutdown wrongly due to power outage, blue screen problem or any other cause, then it leads to file deletion from memory card.

Virus Inaction: Making the use of same memory card with different systems can also lead to file deletion from it. If you connect PNY card with the virus infected computer, then there is a chance of virus inaction on PNY card by which the information saved on it may get deleted.

File system Damaging: File system is used by operating system to track the data saved on store device. If the file system of PNY card gets damaged, then the information stores in it become inaccessible.

In order to recover data from PNY memory card, which can be lost in any above mentation ways, you can make the use of Card Memory Recovery application. This tool is capacity to restore lost or deleted files from PNY memory card which can support any file system, including NTFS5, FAT16, HFS+, FAT32 and NTFS.  This PNY memory card recovery application is also capable to retrieve data from numerous storage drives such as memory stick, USB drive, external hard drive, SD card, SDXC card and CF card, etc. With the help of Card Memory Recovery tool, you can regain your file along with take the preview of recuperated files before saving them to the destination. This tool can be used on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

Know How to Recover Files from Trash on Mac OS X

Nowadays, majority of the renowned organizations prefer to use Mac laptops/desktops because it is well set with all the features which users wish for. Mac OS X based systems are very reliable for data storage, efficiency, provides unmatchable speed, etc. However, users lost their significant files due to their own mistakes such as intentional or unintentional deletion. But luckily, those files can be recovered with ease as long as it exists in Trash Bin folder on Mac. But unfortunately, sometimes the files get automatically erased from Trash Bin due to logical reasons or by incorrectly emptying from Trash Bin folder.

At that time, you may be thinking how to recover deleted files from emptied Trash on Mac OS X? You can easily recover mistakenly emptied Trash Bin by employing excellent tool called Mac OS X File Recovery software. Because whenever you delete or by mistakenly empty the trash, you just lose the access of file from Mac system. The space engaged by those files is marked as obtainable to reuse, so the data resides actually intact on same location unless they are overwritten by new data. To avoid overwritten you have to stop using your Mac machine straight away if you wish to recover files from Trash on Mac OS X.

Following are scenarios in which you may lose files from Trash files:

Emptied Mac Trash:  If you are empty Trash without seeing its content may results in deletion of important files from it.

 Using Command + Delete: If you use command + delete button to delete any data from Mac based computer but while deleting if your select important files then it won’t restore on Trash Bin.  As a result of which you will lose your important files.

Third Party Applications: While you are scanning your files by using third party apps such as C- cleaner and if files is not well-matched with it then it leads to deletion of files.

Other Reasons: Improper system shutdown, accidental deletion, a file deleting using command prompt, etc also leads to data loss from Mac OS.

If you encounter above mentioned scenarios then you can make use of Mac OS X File Recovery software to perform Trash Bin recovery on Mac in few simple steps.

Features of Mac OS X File Recovery software:

  • By empowering Mac OS X File Recovery software, you can restore erased data from Mac Trash folder on all forms of Mac based PC like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite with utmost ease.
  • This tool also recovers deleted data from different file systems like HFSX, HFS+, FAT32 and FAT16.
  • By using this utility, you can quickly get back deleted files, which bypass Mac Trash Bin without taking much time.
  • This software is designed with internal algorithms to scan entire Mac hard drive within matter of minutes to restore deleted/lost data from Mac system.

Best Way to Recover Data from Micro SD Card

Is your computer is not detecting your memory card? Alternatively, are you getting error messages when you connect the SD card to computer system? Suppose if there is no back up of important of data then definitely you will be critical situation and you need a perfect solution to overcome from such problems. Well, if you reading this article then surely you find your answers to issues to conquer the data loss from SD card.

In digital world, Secure Digital cards are very famous and have more advantages to store data. They can store huge data and very efficient to use. Data will be secured in SD cards. SD cards mainly are used in digital camera and camcorder to save captured videos, photos and other data. But similar to other media cards, SD are also prone to data loss situations or corruption issues that makes the saved files inaccessible. If you have lost some of the essential data because of corruption issues then you will be tensed and worry about you data. Therefore, stop getting tense because you can easily recover Micro SD card not detected by using SD Card Image Recovery tool.

Many critical situations may lead to essential data loss. When you found that some vital data is missing from SD card then you need to put an end using for storing data further. This type of step will prevent you from data over writing. List of possible scenarios are below:

Formatting errors: Often you may transfer some important data from SD card to computer system and this reason you will be connecting media card by using card reader. However soon after connecting media card, you may face error message saying such as “The card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” without thinking much if you press format button then all the data on SD card gets inaccessible and huge amount of data is lost.

Human mistakes: sometimes while previewing you may delete some of the data from SD card instead of erasing useless files. Even you may unintentionally hit to delete all buttons on camera. Therefore, all these stuff results in loss of massive amount of data from SD card.

Virus infection: Another major cause for losing of key data from SD card is virus infection. Viruses can come through if you connected to virus-infected system. Some dangerous virus can make your essential data inaccessible. Often file system can also corrupt because of viruses. In order to fix these you need to format your SD card then all the data is lost from it. With the help of amazing media recovery software, you effortlessly restore all the data from media card.

Therefore, whatever may be the cause behind the loosing of essential data from SD card, recover micro SD card not detected by using this media recovery app SD card Image recovery application, which especially designed for SD cards and it has some advanced scanning algorithms which can restore data from micro SD card not detected very efficiently.

It can also support recovery of other different cards such CF cards, memory cards, flash cards, USB drives, etc and all the brands of media cards. In order to check more features of the recovery utility, you can download its trial version and run it on your system. If you are okay with result then you can order license version.

Learn Some Valuable Tips on Updating your Windows 8.1 Computer

Windows 8.1 is an advanced and developed operating system in the market. It is latest version of Windows which has enormous features when compared to all other series of Windows operating system. Windows 8.1 is developed by Microsoft team by updating it from Windows 8. By updating to Windows 8.1 one will be able to enjoy its extraordinary features. It is important to know the tips for updating Windows 8.1. Before knowing the tips on updating Windows 8.1, it’s important to know how to create image back up as most of the people find it difficult as they often encounter with the errors while trying to backup the files before updating their Windows operating system. Tips on updating Windows 8.1 are very much simple and is very easy to follow.

Before updating or installing the Windows 8.1, you need to be careful about your hard disk data because it may lead to loss of data and this is the reason why users are recommended to create image backup. So it is better to take backup of your data so that you will be in the safer side even if you lose your data after facing some data loss scenarios. Now, here we would like to mention the steps to update Windows 8.1 from Windows 8, starting with the backup of file history. Create a back up file and store in a desire disc before updating your Windows 8.1. You need to prepare Windows for operation to perform update. You need to confirm the back up before starting the update process.

The system repair disc is forced to be created, as you know system repair is for repairing and recovering the drive successfully. Then the next step is to download the update. This simple way of operation can be done with the help of control panel feature of Windows or by using modern UI update recovery. After downloading the updated version of Windows 8.1 you need to go to the next step, which is installing the downloaded Windows 8.1 file.  After installation, you need to agree the terms and policies of Microsoft Windows for that you just need to accept the terms declared by Microsoft Windows.

Upon completion of the process, your computer needs to be restarted again. Restarting the computer will enable the new settings of Windows 8.1, and thereby you will be able to see the new screen of Windows 8.1. It contains some additional options which were not there before. Then you see the new updates on your computer screen as it is newly updated. Hopefully these tips will help you while trying to update into Windows 8.1, however you can also refer this site to know more about Windows 8.1 update. But our suggestion is don’t wait anymore, make use of this information and update your system to Windows 8.1 to enjoy the incredible features that you have never seen before with any operating system.

Perfect Way to Restore Memory Card Data

Memory card is an electronic data storage device which can be accessed quickly and used in various electronic devices like smart phones, digital cameras, mobile phones and music players. It is an efficient storage device compare to CD and floppy disks due to this speed of read/write operation. You can efficiently store various files including media files such as digital videos, music files, photos and application files on the memory card. It is available in markets with different storage capacity. In spite of its processing speed and portability feature, it has some data loss issues due to various reasons that can be briefed as follows,

Common Data Loss Scenarios on Memory Card  

  • Sometimes, you may accidentally erase your important files while deleting some useless files from memory card by connecting with computer through card reader.
  • While previewing files on your digital camera or mobile phone, you may delete files by clicking “Delete All” option from memory card.
  • While scanning your memory card by using updated antivirus tool some virus infected files may get deleted without your knowledge,
  • Interruption during file relocate from memory card to PC like unexpected power failure, improper ejection of memory card etc. result in severe data loss on memory card.
  • Files may get lost due to various reasons like accidental formatting and virus attack.

You can overcome these data loss scenarios by utilizing this dominant recovery software called Undelete Memory Card tool which uses its outstanding built in scanning mechanism which can scan your memory card thoroughly and recover memory card data in very short time duration.

Why Undelete Memory Card Tool?

  • You can recover files from memory cards and also from external storage devices like pen drive and external USB drives which can format with any file systems structure like FAT16 and ExFAT.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Therefore you can undelete data from memory card in all the popular Windows versions named Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP and Mac versions like Yosemite and Snow Leopard.
  • It recovers various media file format extension such as pictures such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. videos like MOV,MP4, AVI, 3GP etc.
  • You can get back data from various memory card types like Multi Media Card (MMC), xD card, SD card, CF card.
  • For an evaluation purpose, you can preview your undelete data before saving them into desired memory location in a trail version itself.

Some Precautionary Methods to Avoid Data Loss in Future:

  • Try to avoid often usage memory card on different electronic gadgets often.
  • Don’t remove memory card from any electronic gadgets while transferring data.
  • Before deleting useless data, confirm that you are not selecting any important files by mistake for deleting.

Easy Steps to Undelete Memory Card

  • Download, install and launch Undelete Memory Card tool in your desktop or laptop. Connect your memory card with the system via card reader. In a home screen choose “Recover Photos” option. Next screen select “Recover Deleted Photos” then click on “Next”.
  • Now choose your memory card among various drives. After selecting memory card can get scanned thoroughly.
  • After completion of scanning, deleted or lost files can be recovered and you can preview the recovered files. Then choose preferred memory location to save undelete data.

Easiest Way to Recover Erased Files from ExFAT Drive

Extended File Allocation Table (known as ExFAT) is an extended version of FAT32 file system, which is specially optimized for flash devices like USB drives, memory cards, pen drives, flash drives, removable media players, etc. Compared to FAT32 file system, ExFAT has advanced features as it can store more number of files when compared to Fat32, maximum volume size of ExFAT is 128 PB, where as maximum volume size of FAT32 is 32 GB, etc. The overall performance of ExFAT is higher when compared to FAT32 file system. It supports all the latest versions of Windows operating systems, which include Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008, etc.

ExFAT is an advanced file system, which overcomes most of the problems occurred in FAT32 system. Even though it comes out advanced features, still data security is a major issue with all the file systems including ExFAT system. Sometimes, due to human errors, few important files get erased from the ExFAT drive. At times, when previewing files or deleting unused files from ExFAT drive, you may accidentally press Shift + Delete option. As a result, those files will get erased permanently from the drive. In such a situation, you can perform deleted file recovery from ExFAT drive in an easy way with the assistance of ExFAT Recovery tool.

Possible factors responsible for the deletion of files from ExFAT drive are:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, accidental deletion of files from ExFAT drive can happen. Usually, it happens due to lack of concentration of the user. At times, during erasing useless files in order to increase the memory space, you may accidentally delete few important files. As a result, you will face severe data loss.

Deletion by Third Party Tool: Some third party tools like antivirus could be the reason behind deletion of files from ExFAT drive. If the important files in ExFAT drive are affect ted by harmful virus and malwares, and when you scan your drive using reliable and updated antivirus tool, those infected files would be automatically removed by antivirus tool.

File Transfer Obstruction: Any sort of obstructions like power outage, ejection of ExFAT drive from the system during file transfer process between ExFAT drive and the system can happen. Due to this, few files may get erased from the system as well as from your ExFAT drive.

Other Reasons: Apart from the above-mentioned three reasons, there are few other reasons behind loss of data from ExFAT drive. They are unintentional formatting, file system corruption, improper file system corruption, error while formatting, repartitioning, presence of excessive bad sectors, virus and malware attack, etc.

In order to recover deleted files from ExFAT drive from any of these scenarios, then you need to use ExFAT Recovery software. This tool has advanced scanning algorithms, using which it scans your ExFAT drive and recovers all your deleted or lost data in short span of time. It is available for free download; you can try it out, to evaluate its performance. After retrieving missing files from ExFAT drive, it allows you to preview all the recovered files even before restoring them back to destination location. This software permits you to save the data recovery process by providing “Save Recovery Session” option in the demo version. So that, after purchasing this software, you do not have to rescan your ExFAT drive, you can resume with this saved recovery process by using “Open Recovery Session” option.

More about this software:

This software is capable of recovering over more than 280 types of tiles such as photos, audio and video files, Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, PDF files, and many others. It is compatible over different versions of Mac and Windows operating systems including Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, server 2003 and 2008, etc. Apart from ExFAT drives, it can also recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS and HFSX drives with utmost ease. It can recover data from memory card, flash drive, FireWire drive, pen drive, external hard drive, thumb drive, and other storage devices in an easy way.

Know Some Basics about How to Use Windows Media Player

Windows media player often known as WMP is the media library software developed by Microsoft to serve basic needs of entertainments like listening to audio, watching the videos etc. As I already said it’s media library application which means is the particular location in the media player which stores all entertainment data( same as book library where the numerous amount of books are stored).

Accessing media library is a very easy just click on start button, click on all programs and locate the media player and click on switch to the library. Library has sorted sections like separate section for music, recording, videos etc. There is no need to add files to the library as it is automatically gets added when you open the media through the WMP. If you really liked some media data then you can make a playlist (It’s nothing but grouping of your favorite media).

WMP has great power to organize your media data like media data from different storage location automatically gets scanned and linked into the media library. Take an example, All Music files regardless of their original location get linked in the music section of WMP. As a player library is an integrated with OS database user can’t move library of one computer to another one because it has linked to many media files throughout the whole computer.

Windows media player also be used as the tool to record digital media files to the CD/DVD’s or rip those files from the source destination. User can purchase or rent music from Windows media online store. Windows media player automatically detects the media file when you insert a disk or a USB. It has synchronization feature that sync all media data into the library. Windows media player is like one stop solution or one stop destination to all users who can be entertained by all media files at one particular location. Such media frenzy tool doesn’t need installation as it is default tool comes with all Microsoft OS. There are lots of things still user can do with it. Start using it to explore more functionality.

Smart Ways of Recovering Deleted Photos from Sony Xperia Z

By using Sony Xperia Z smart phone I captured some pictures and recorded high quality videos few days ago. But I was shocked to see that all media files were missing when I connected my Sony Xperia Z smart phone to system for transferring all videos and photos which were captured. I searched each every folder that was present in my android smart phone but it was of no use because all photos and videos were lost. Thus can anyone give a good solution for this problem?

Just cool down! There is nothing to be worried, as you can easily recover deleted image recovery from Sony Xperia Z by using Photo Recovery Android Software.

Sony Xperia Z is one of the best smart phones that have been developed using Android operating system and launched by Sony mobiles. Sony Xperia Z is built on android OS and provides a lot of features which many people use because of high performance. The storage capacity of this phone is 16 GB for internal memory and 64 GB extendable for external memory. In this phone users can store huge variety of information including work related documents, videos, photos, music collection etc.

Scenarios that may cause loss of photos from Sony Xperia Z smart phone:

  • Malfunction of android OS due to virus infection leads to loss of images saved on your smart phone
  • Improper removing and inserting memory card from the Sony mobile can cause memory card corruption
  • Unintentional deletion of your photos or videos while deleting the unwanted files from android phone is also a frequent situation which happens due to users mistake
  • If you connect your Sony memory card to your system on which ant-virus is running then chances of infected files deletion from Sony smart phones can happen

Features of Recovery Android software:

  • Make use of this efficient application to recover deleted photos from Sony Xperia Z in safer way
  • This utility has powerful scanning engines which gets all formats of photos from your smart phone
  • With the help of this tool we scan and recover audio, video, photos from different types of flash memory card in very short of time. Different types of memory cards includes Memory Stick, MMC, SDHC, SDXC, and SD
  • It is capable to recover all types of music, image and video files as well as .apk files
  • This tool not only performs recovery of deleted photos in Sony xperia Z Smartphones but also recover images from various Android based phones and devices like Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy s2 very easily

Guidelines to retrieve deleted photos from Sony Xperia Z:

  • Download and install Photo Recovery Android Software. After the software is launched connect the Android mobile. which may help you to recover deleted photos sony xperia z
  • Now choose the Android device from which you have deleted the photos and click Next to start the scanning process
  • Once scanning is completed then the tool provides you to preview the restored photos from smart phone


Simple Guidelines to Repair Corrupt Zip Archive

”I had lot of files in my external hard drive that were exceeding disk space so I made a Zip file for my important files to compress & save space in disk. One day I was transferring some files from external hard drive to system hard drive a sudden power failure happened due to this files got corrupted on my external hard drive including Zip files. I was so worried because those files are very important to me and even I had no back-up copies of them. I need them immediately so anyone can please suggest a way to repair corrupted Zip files?”

Zip file is just a container that contains multiple files in compressed form. Now a day’s it is very popular in compressing files to save disk space or to download, upload and send large size files over the internet. It uses extensions like .Zip or .Zipx and you can extract files from it with the use of any unzip utility program on Windows or Mac OS X computers.

You might have probably encountered the situation as like above mentioned. If so, now you don’t need to worry about your crucial information that is inaccessible with corrupted Zip file. Here you are guided with easy instructions to repair corrupted Zip files. You can easily recover your valuable files from corrupted Zip file by using trusted and efficient software that is repair corrupted Zip. It is considered as one of the easiest way to fix corrupted Zip file on Windows or Mac OS X computers. Following are the some possible scenarios when a Zip file gets corrupt or damage.

Possible cases where Zip file may get corrupted or damaged:

  • Using of unreliable or incompatible utility to unzip the Zipped files may causes corruption, damage to Zip files.
  • The sudden power failure of system that causes the Zip files corruption while extracting it from this case Zip file can get error in CRC matching.
  • Zip files may get corrupted due the attack of third party applications like virus infections.
  • Due to the insufficient of disk space while extracting Zip files on system can leads to corruption or damage of those files.
  • Due to transfer error on system while you are downloading Zip file over internet and these errors may put invalid data into the Zip file.
  • Zip file created with a compression tool which that has problem in successful creation Zip file.

Features of Repair Corrupted Zip tool are:

  • Supports repairing of Zip files that are password protected or encrypted.
  • This tool has capable of repairing the corrupted, damaged or broken Zip files from different storage devices including external HDD, pen drive, memory cards, SSD etc.
  • It is very effective in repairing Zip files which contains various file types like image files, video files, audio files, Word files, power point files, pdf files, application files and game files, etc.
  • It has ability to repair corrupted Zip files within a minute because the availability of speed scanning built-in algorithms.

Fix Corrupted MOV Videos on Windows

“I have SD card which consists 16GB of MOV video files, while transferring this MOV video files to my system which is Windows platform, in some distraction I suddenly turned off computer before all the videos were completely written on Windows system. Due to this, some of my important MOV video files stored in it got corrupted and now I cannot play those .mov files. Can anyone suggest how to repair MOV files on Windows after corruption? “

The MOV file format specifies a multimedia container file that has one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data such as audio, video, animation, virtual 3D content, graphics, effects, or texts and many other file formats. The MOV is an MPEG-4 video container file format developed for both Windows and Mac Operating System. In these days, it is extensively used in digital cameras where the images, videos or movies are stored on the memory card which acts as external storage device. A header of an MOV file is like a container that contains all the crucial information regarding a specific MOV file. But there are some chances where you may face corruption of MOV video files in Windows System due to unpredictable reasons. In such situations, one can make use of efficient software called MOV Repair tool to repair corrupted MOV files on Windows.

MOV Repair software has been specially designed to fix corrupted MOV videos on Windows based computers and laptops. This application provides you complete solution for the problem on how to fix corrupt MOV files in windows OS systems. The tool resolves the issue of bad frame, sound, header, movement and duration corruption of MOV or MP4 video. fix MOV tool repairs even large sized video files and has built-in advanced algorithm that will fix the video files effectively. While fixing, audio or video file streams are separated and rejoined properly to get accessible video file to you.

Few MOV video file corruption Scenarios:

MOV File Conversion: MOV files are converted to other file formats to play videos on different media players. So during the process of converting the file formats, usage of unwanted third party software’s might corrupt your MOV video files. In case you face this scenario, then do not worry with the help of MOV Repair tool you can fix corrupted MOV videos on Windows and keep the repaired MOV files back safely.

Malware Attack: MOV files get infected due to viruses/ malware that can alter the MOV file structure or may damage the MOV header content. In such case, MOV file cannot be played on any of the media players on Windows. However, by using MOV repair program you can easily repair corrupted MOV files on Windows.

Unwanted Interruptions:  Any interruptions like power surge or abrupt system shut down while editing or playing MOV files on Windows System, may result in MOV file corruption.

Above mentioned are some of the general causes for MOV file corruption. Only a good and reliable repair tool can make corrupted or damaged MOV files into working condition. MOV Repair is well known tool for repairing corrupted MOV videos on Windows.

Features of MOV Repair Software:

  • MOV Repair tool is a read only program, which does not alter any of the content in the repairing process and files will not be overwritten on it and a new copy of repaired file will be created.
  • It has easy to use interface, through which even a non-technical person can fix the affected MOV file without having any technical knowledge.
  • Software is compatible on all versions of Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  • Fix MOV utility repairs corrupted MOV video files that are created by mobile phones, handheld cameras, HD cameras, etc. It also has the ability to repair High Definition MOV files created by shot cameras, CCTV cameras etc.
  • MOV Repair application can fix videos present on hard drives, memory cards and other storage media.
  • It provides an option to preview the repaired contents before saving them to any preferred location.