Fitbit: The Leading Smartwatch Maker

The use of smartwatches is increasing day by day. It is used for various purposes like for making phone calls, messages, sending images, etc. Every smartphone makers are now try to expand their technique in wearable devices. International Data Corporation (IDC), releases quarterly figure on sales of wearable tracking devices last week. It shows that Fitbit continued their first position with 22% of the market share. When Apple announced their first wearable device, it seems that this device might go beyond all. But among various smartwatch makers Fitbit held on top. Apple watch has mostly hurt other smartwatch makers including Samsung which drop down of top five position.

Fitbit: The Leading Smartwatch Maker

There are various factors which lead Fitbit success. The main reason behind this is its retail distribution process. The company has excellent retail distribution, along this company expand its field outside US also. The latest product, Fitbit Surge and Fitbit charge is also selling well. This company signing a big deal that gives fitness devices to their employees. It includes almost 335,000 workers in this program.

When we talk about Apple smartwatches, the company is doing quite well and this is due to its affordable Sport line. The release of Apple OS2 watch is also the reason behind the downfall in various smartwatches. Apple smartwatch is one of the main reason behind the downfall of Samsung smartwatch, in result of this Samsung smartwatch fell out from top five in this quarter. Apple OS2 has built in capabilities which allows different apps to take better advantage, this helps in growing your interest on Smartwatches.

Xiaomi which is one of the leading Android smartphone maker in china, surfing third position in the list of International Data Corporation. You can take Xiaomi Smartwatches in just $15. This company is growing very quickly around the globe and it offers very interesting contrast to Apple as well. China which is the fastest growing market of Smartwatches and it leads company to compete with various feature sets and on price value.

34% of the Smartwatch market shares hold by other small industries. This shows that Fitbit is going to get more challenge from other smart wrist watch makers in coming years. Google is also releases its smartwatch operating system which doesn’t taking off. Sometimes Corporate Wellness Program offers some financial incentives to the people to use these devices. It’s a great market win for Fitbit which consistently with its position when there is downfall in the Smartwatches.