Fix Corrupted MOV Videos on Windows

“I have SD card which consists 16GB of MOV video files, while transferring this MOV video files to my system which is Windows platform, in some distraction I suddenly turned off computer before all the videos were completely written on Windows system. Due to this, some of my important MOV video files stored in it got corrupted and now I cannot play those .mov files. Can anyone suggest how to repair MOV files on Windows after corruption? “

The MOV file format specifies a multimedia container file that has one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data such as audio, video, animation, virtual 3D content, graphics, effects, or texts and many other file formats. The MOV is an MPEG-4 video container file format developed for both Windows and Mac Operating System. In these days, it is extensively used in digital cameras where the images, videos or movies are stored on the memory card which acts as external storage device. A header of an MOV file is like a container that contains all the crucial information regarding a specific MOV file. But there are some chances where you may face corruption of MOV video files in Windows System due to unpredictable reasons. In such situations, one can make use of efficient software called MOV Repair tool to repair corrupted MOV files on Windows.

MOV Repair software has been specially designed to fix corrupted MOV videos on Windows based computers and laptops. This application provides you complete solution for the problem on how to fix corrupt MOV files in windows OS systems. The tool resolves the issue of bad frame, sound, header, movement and duration corruption of MOV or MP4 video. fix MOV tool repairs even large sized video files and has built-in advanced algorithm that will fix the video files effectively. While fixing, audio or video file streams are separated and rejoined properly to get accessible video file to you.

Few MOV video file corruption Scenarios:

MOV File Conversion: MOV files are converted to other file formats to play videos on different media players. So during the process of converting the file formats, usage of unwanted third party software’s might corrupt your MOV video files. In case you face this scenario, then do not worry with the help of MOV Repair tool you can fix corrupted MOV videos on Windows and keep the repaired MOV files back safely.

Malware Attack: MOV files get infected due to viruses/ malware that can alter the MOV file structure or may damage the MOV header content. In such case, MOV file cannot be played on any of the media players on Windows. However, by using MOV repair program you can easily repair corrupted MOV files on Windows.

Unwanted Interruptions:  Any interruptions like power surge or abrupt system shut down while editing or playing MOV files on Windows System, may result in MOV file corruption.

Above mentioned are some of the general causes for MOV file corruption. Only a good and reliable repair tool can make corrupted or damaged MOV files into working condition. MOV Repair is well known tool for repairing corrupted MOV videos on Windows.

Features of MOV Repair Software:

  • MOV Repair tool is a read only program, which does not alter any of the content in the repairing process and files will not be overwritten on it and a new copy of repaired file will be created.
  • It has easy to use interface, through which even a non-technical person can fix the affected MOV file without having any technical knowledge.
  • Software is compatible on all versions of Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  • Fix MOV utility repairs corrupted MOV video files that are created by mobile phones, handheld cameras, HD cameras, etc. It also has the ability to repair High Definition MOV files created by shot cameras, CCTV cameras etc.
  • MOV Repair application can fix videos present on hard drives, memory cards and other storage media.
  • It provides an option to preview the repaired contents before saving them to any preferred location.