Formatted Disk Recovery Software – Restore Deleted or Lost Files from Formatted Hard Disk Drive

hard-driveFormatting is the process of removing all disk data in single click rather than deletion files one by one. This formatting is also used for assigning a new file system on storage drive. Whenever people want to delete all the data present on the drive, then they simply format their drive on their Windows or Mac systems. Due to this formatting process, sometimes people may also face their data deletion or loss issue. Generally, after formatting the drive, data present on the drive only the pointer of data is removed. This data still exists on the drive until it will not be overwritten by new data. Due to this cause, the data recovery from formatted drive can be achieved.

After facing data loss issue due to formatting of hard drive, people want to recover it at any cost because these deleted data may be their precious data which is necessary for their daily business. In such difficult circumstances, people need an efficient third party app like Formatted Disk Recovery to get back their data from formatted hard drive because there is no other way to restore data from formatted drive. This utility has been specially developed for recovering data from formatted system as well as external hard drive without any difficulty. For developing this easy to use software, advanced scanning algorithms have been used. These algorithms perform deep scanning of formatted hard drives and recover each bit of info as it was before formatting very easily.

Most common causes behind formatting hard drive:

  • During reinstalling operating system people need to format their system drive for installation. In this process, if people unknowingly format another drive, then it will erase complete data present on the drive.
  • At the time of formatting other external drive connected with the laptop / desktop, if people incorrectly chose system drive and format it, then it will lead to complete data deletion.
  • File system corruption is also one of the most common causes behind hard drive formatting. If the drive file system gets damaged, then access the drive, people need to format it, by which data saved on it gets removed.
  • If the drive gets infected with dangerous viruses, then there is a chance of hard drive corruption by which it becomes unreachable and data present on this drive also not accessible.

In order to recover data from formatted hard drive which can be formatted in any above mentioned way, people can take the help of Formatted Disk Recovery software. This easy to use utility is capable to recover data from formatted hard drive which can have any file system, including NTFS, HFS, FAT16, HFS+, FAT32 and exFat very easily. Formatted Disk Recovery program supports data recovery on all latest Windows and Mac based operating systems such as Windows 8, Leopard, Windows 7, Snow Leopard, Windows XP, Lion, Windows  Vista, Mountain Lion, Windows Server 2003, Mavericks, Windows Server 2008 and Yosemite without any difficulty. This program is capable for recovering data from various storage devices like an external hard drive, Solid state drive, system drive, pen drive, flash drive, memory cards, etc. which can be manufactured by any world leading brand.