Get Back Lost Memories with Best Android Photo Recovery App

Android operating system is widely used in smart phones, basically different brands of smart phones such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola etc. use Android OS. It is also known that the Android smart phones have huge internal memory to store all media files like music, videos, photos and also Android application files. So whenever you lose your momentous photos from such Android phones then the recovery will be very difficult it is because most of the available Android recovery tools can get back the files from the external storage devices, but they fail to retrieve the photos from internal memory. So recently recovery experts have designed Android Photo Recovery Software, this tool is designed to recover deleted or lost photos as well as other media files. This tool is special among all available recovery tools because it is skilled enough to scan the internal memory and also from the external memory and recover photos from Android.

Before elucidation of the tool, let’s see how the photos and other files could be lost from Android:

  • Accidental deletion: This is the most common reason that almost all users lose their important files. It usually happens while deleting unwanted files; you might accidentally select all files and delete them.  In some cases, you select Mark All option instead of Mark and then delete the files without ensuring the files selected files hence you could lose your vital photo files.
  • Restoring original factory settings: Sometimes, when your smart phone becomes too slow or performing slowly then you might think to restore it to particular point. Restoring could erase all the files, so once you restore it without maintaining the backup then all files stored on Android phone will be lost.
  • Additional reasons: Some other common factors like incomplete file transfer, memory card issues, OS crash, third party tool malfunction etc.

Android Photo Recovery software is the perfect solution to get back all deleted or lost files from any Android phone in few simple steps. This tool is highly sophisticated with recovery algorithms to execute recovery from both internal and external memory. It will scan the complete memory and then retrieves the photos of various file formats including other media files also. It has the capability to carry out recovery of the .apk files which are stored in internal memory of Android smart phones.

With the help of this advanced software you can easily get back the files even deleted or formatted from the memory card that is used in your Android phones. It is completely read only too and do not do any modification or harms other files, genuinely recovers the images and all other files in single scan. You can evaluate the results using the trial version, once you go through it to enhance later you can purchase the complete version of this software.