Guide to Repair Zip File Extraction Error

Most of you may be familiar with terms such as archive files, Zip files and compression of Zip files. An archive file is usually composed of more than one file along with its metadata. Zip is a popular archive file format that can be compressed without any loss of data (lossless data compression). The main advantages of using Zip files as an archive file is that it decreases size of the intended file. As the size of file decreases due to different compression methods it is much easier to transfer. The Zip archive has a minimum chance of getting corrupt as compared to uncompressed files.

However, if you have used Zip files as a compression medium, you might have come across some error while extracting zip file. This error is always accompanied by an error code also. “Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error” is such a sample error code. In this circumstances, the Zip file that you are trying to open doesn’t allow you to extract or view the contents of the archive. If you download the Zip file again, the result would be same. In such situations users are compelled to find solution for question like How to repair Zip files from such error? Is there a perfect solution for this?

Zip Repair Tool is a master class software that helps you to repair Zip files from errors such as Zip file extraction error. This software has passed through various levels of quality checks before the final release. You can easily use this application to extract zip file after error messages are delivered to you at any instance of time.

Common Reasons for Zip file extraction error

  • The incompatibility of operating systems is a major reason behind zip file extraction error. You may encounter error while extracting Zip files if you use Zip archives created by newer Windows operating systems on old Windows versions.
  • Viruses or Malwares can severely attack a Zip file just like other file types. One of the after effects of such an attack will be Zip file extraction error.
  • Sudden system shutdown while downloading a Zip file may result in Zip errors.

Significant features of Zip Repair Tool

  • By using this tool you can repair both Zip and Zipx files.
  • This software supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 operating system.
  • Zip Repair Tool can repair large Zip files having more than 4GB in size.
  • Once repair process is over, you can preview the file that can be recovered back.
  • Zip files stored in removable storage media such as USB drives, flash memory cards, SSD etc. can be repaired using this tool.
  • Both encrypted and password protected files can be repaired using this tool.
  • This software also helpful to repair corrupted files form multi-part Zip files.
  • This software supports Windows versions such as Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8
  • This software repairs corrupt Zip files having CRC error.
  • It is a read only software, which make sure that your original Zip file is unaltered.

Steps of Zip File Extraction Error Recovery

  • Download and install Zip Repair Tool on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Open the tool and browse for your Zip file which has to be repaired. Click on repair option now.
  • The software will start scanning to reconstruct Zip file parameters.
  • After completion of scanning contents of Zip file will be previewed. You can navigate through folder structure to see complete list of recoverable files. Files and folders can be arranged on basis of their name or file size.
  • In the next screen you can select the location for saving extracted files. You can save these files on your hard drive, connected USB drive or a network location. Select the location and click on save button