Here is a Comprehensive Review on Mushkin 2TB and 4TB SSD Models

Mushkin SSD Products

Mushkin, well-known for producing memory modules had something to introduce in CES 2016. It was none other than 2 SSDs as you may expected of. The first of those devices is a 2TB one named as “Reactor”, well, it is the right time to forget conventional 500GB SSDs. Any name hasn’t given to the 4 TB model till now.

Both of these SSDs are built under Silicon Motion’s SM2246EN controller, in order to balance the amount of wear and tear that can affect SSDs. From this controller’s first release in 2013, it was a vital component in most of the SSDs. But, now as this controller has included 3D NAND support (apart from increased 2TB storage support), it became not-so-complex for Mushkin to produce high capacity models like Reactor.

Since this controller does not support more than 2TB, Mushkin has to do a trick to create 4TB model. For that, they put two Reactor SSD models in a single PCB and joined both of these SSDs into a single JBOD using another controller. Mushkin is really confident about this product’s 4TB function as a whole. But, the company itself does not guarantee consistent read and write performance during heavy workloads.

For datacenter industry, Mushkin has also introduced another SSD with Phison PS3110-S10 controller. It comes under Mushkin’s Striker series of storage capacity 1.92TB. More and more third party manufacturers are setting up for new SSD devices using the same Silicon Motion’s controller. Definitely, this shows the imminent support of Mushkin SSDs described here.

Well, the most interesting thing of the 4TB model would be its price. According to Mushkin, it won’t be more than $500 so that it is not an unaffordable product anymore.  Even Samsung’s 850 PRO 2GB SSD cost more than $700, illustrates how reasonable it would be.

Even though various companies are releasing their SSD brands in consecutive intervals, it doesn’t consider that an average user prefer an SSD to an HDD. Off course, overall cost of the product really matters. But this is not a case forever. As more manufacturers like Mushkin, come with new SSDs powered with latest technologies, we can foresee a huge divergence of SSD applications from data centers to average users. Well, let us wait for that.