Hide Photos on Android

In these days, Android devices has become the most popular as it offers many advantages compare to other operating system developed for Smartphones. One of the main features of the Android is that it provides a decent way to look up files stored on the storage area. As an Android user, obliviously you will be having number of photos on your phone. You could have some private photos in our Android phone and you do not want those photos to be viewed by your friends or family members. As a result of this you need to hide those photos in your Android phone.

Do you want to hide photos on your Android phone? Want to find a solution on how to hide your memorable moments on Android phone? Are you searching for the software that can hide your photos on Android? Now the problem is how to hide all your photos on Android phone? If this is the case then there is no need to be worried, here in this article you get an idea on how to hide photos on Android easily within a fraction of few minutes.

If you want to know how to hide photos on Android phone, then here is some trick to do this without using any applications. The things you need are a working Android phone and a File Manager. First of all, switch on your Android phone. In this process a default file manager is used to hide photos on Android. Now go to File Manager settings and look for the term, Show hidden files/ folders and enable it then save your settings. Now rename the existing file which you want to hide or create a new one. And when you want to rename the file just add an extra dot (.) right before the characters and save it. Then go the file manager settings again and disable/ unmark show hidden files option. Thus all the photos which you need to hide is done. Now there is no need to think twice before giving your Android phone to your friends or relatives.

If you are not satisfied with the above mentioned process on hiding your photos on Android phone, then here you get information about the software which assists you to hide your private photos easily from others. Android photo hider is the perfect tool which is developed after a deep inspiration by many of the industry experts. This software is designed with special algorithm for hiding photos on Android phone. This software has a very attractive user interface which makes it easy to use. None of them can be able to access your photos when they are hidden with this software. This useful utility has come up with the clean and pleasant interface to hide photos on different version of Android OS which includes GingerBread, Ice Cream Sandwich, JellyBean and many more.