How to Fix WinRAR Access Denied Error when Extracting?

“So I downloaded a WinRAR file from the internet and every time I try to extract the files from it, I get an access denied error. Does anyone know what this means? Is this an issue with my WinRAR file or am I doing it wrong?”

An access denied error while extracting a WinRAR file suggest that the WinRAR file is corrupt and needs to be fixed. This might be caused due to various reasons including interruption during download and so on. However, this doesn’t mean that your file is corrupt and cannot be fixed. There are a few ways how you can still be able to get back access to your WinRAR file that is giving an access denied error.

Whenever you encounter such issues, it is recommended to re-download the WinRAR file again and then try to extract the files off it. This will eliminate issues that might have occurred in your WinRAR file during the download. If you still cannot fix the WinRAR access denied error after re-downloading your WinRAR file, then it is certainly clear that your WinRAR file is corrupt and needs repair. It is quite an easy task to repair WinRAR files that show access denied errors. All you will need is a WinRAR repair tool that is designed to fix this error on your WinRAR file.

If you want to know how to fix WinRAR access denied error on your WinRAR file, then the below linked video tutorial will take you through the entire repair process explaining each and every procedure.

Well, by now you need to realize that there is still hope in extracting all the files from a WinRAR file that is giving an access denied error. A repair tool is specifically designed to fix this issue on your WinRAR file which shouldn’t be attempted by any individual to fix manually by applying any unorthodox method. The access denied error is usually caused due to corruption to some specific part of your WinRAR file that can only be accessed and fixed by a recommended WinRAR repair software.

As already shown in the above video, a repair tool usually takes a few minutes to fix your WinRAR file which is showing the WinRAR access is denied when extracting files from it. By applying any unorthodox methods, you might end up damaging your WinRAR file permanently and make them impossible to be repaired again.

A WinRAR file might have dozens of files compressed in it and is it required to safely and securely fix the file without affecting the files containing in it. This can only be achieved by making use of a good WinRAR repair tool like the one used in the above video tutorial that shows how to fix WinRAR access denied error.

The repair software reads your WinRAR file that is showing an access denied error and then creates a new WinRAR file that is free of all errors. This file can be used by you and can be extracted without facing the access denied error while extracting.