How to Perform Recovery of Lost Apps from Android

Few days back an unknown error made me to lose some important apps from my Android phone, and the apps which I lost from it were paid once i.e. I purchased them by paying money. I don’t how this happened, and I got very much annoyed after seeing this. But somehow I tackled this issue, which means I recovered those lost applications from my Android phone. Below I have shared the information on restoring the lost apps from Android, have a look over it.

If you have lost applications from Android device then do not worry, just use Android recovery tool and recover them easily. Android recovery tool is a reliable third party software that can easily recover apps and all other lost data from Android devices.

Some important reasons that make you to lose applications from Android devices are mentioned below:

  • By restoring Android device to its factory settings: “Restore Factory Settings” is an option that comes in all electronic gadgets, even the Android devices includes this option. If this restoring option is selected then entire data will get lost from Android device you will even lose the important apps from it.
  • Antivirus deletion: Antivirus application is used to eliminate the virus from Android device, but sometimes this antivirus may also lead to severe loss i.e. when a virus infects any application of Android device then to remove the virus from it you may scan the Android device using antivirus. During the scanning process antivirus will delete severely infected application from it.
  • Other aspects: Therearesomeother aspects, which include improper handling of Android devices, formatting of android devices etc.      

Using Android recovery tool, is it possible to recover deleted APK files? 

Yes, certainly it is possible. Using Android recovery software you can easily recover deleted APK files in an effective manner.

Important features of Android recovery application are discussed below:

  • This amazing Android recovery software includes the capability of recovering lost or deleted apps from Android phone.
  • Apart from APK files, this tool can recover photos, music, videos etc.
  • It’s an effective recovery software that can recover APK files from various versions of Android OS, including Jelly Bean, Eclair, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, and KitKat etc.
  • The APK files that’s been lost or deleted from memory card of Android device can also be restored.
  • It’s a user friendly recovery application; hence no assistance is required for recovering lost apps on Android devices.
  • In a very short time, this tool can recover lost or deleted apps from Android device.
  • It’s an award winning Android recovery utility.

Note: To recover APK files from Android device, this tool should be installed on Windows computer and then Android device is to be connected to it. This recovery application is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 etc.

Try the demo version of this Android recovery tool, which is available on web. If you get satisfactory results from demo version then buy its licensed version to avail more benefits.