How to Recover Lost MS Word File on Windows 7 OS

“I have a missing MS Word file on my computer and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on my drive or recycle bin for that matter. Is there any other way to find the missing MS word file on my Windows 7 OS?”

The only possible way for one to get back his lost MS Word files is by making use of a word file recovery software on his computer.

A missing or lost MS Word file cannot be found unless you make use of a Word recovery software to retrieve it off your hard drive. Here’s how you recover missing word documents by making use of a Word recovery software on your system.

This Word recovery software promises to retrieve all your lost or missing Word files regardless of what caused your Word files to go missing. It also comes with a powerful Word recovery algorithm that is capable of retrieving all the Word files without you having to worry about the Word file size or its version.

MS Word is the most preferred application to create text documents and is no doubt the most powerful and sought after text editor as of today. It comes with a range of tools and options that let you create Word files in an effortless manner.

A word file however can have text, photos as well as videos in it and the size of Word file ranges from KB’s to MB’s. So when a Word file is lost, you would like to retrieve your Word file with all its attributes intact and not missing from it. For this, you need to employ a certified Word recovery application more or less like the one used in the above video.

Word files needs to be dealt with utmost care while they’re being recovered and relying on an uncertified application does have its own downsides. Such software’s can corrupt your Word files further more making it impossible for you to regain access back to your recovered files.

When you realize that you’ve lost Word files from your computer then it doesn’t’ mean that the file is completely lost and cannot be recovered back again. The lost Word files aren’t completely erased off your hard drive and still continue to remain there and can be recovered with the help of a Word recovery software. You need to make sure that you use a recovery software at the earliest because the lost files remain on your hard disk until they’re not overwritten by new data and, if they happen to be overwritten by new data then there’s no way you can recover them back again. So, you need to act fast and get a good Word recovery application to successfully recover them back again.

Features of this MS Word Recovery Software:

  • This software has the ability to identify and recover Word files created on any version of MS Word which also guarantees to you that your files cannot go unnoticed by this software.
  • This software recovers all objects which were on your Word file such as text, photos and so on regardless of how large your Word file really is.
  • The recovered Word files are not altered while they’re being recovered from your hard drive.
  • You can recover Word files from pen drives, external hard drives, and internal hard drives with this software.