How To Repair AVI Files On Mac And Win Computers?

AVI is a multimedia file format configuration developed by Microsoft. AVI files display high video quality at small file size. These high quality files contain video and audio file codec’s, which stores the files digitally. AVI files can be opened on any video players like, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player and also on web based storage gadgets like Google Drive.

In spite of that, these AVI files has many advantages like, AVI file formats are developed by windows, which makes playable on all major versions of Microsoft and Mac operating systems. Playable disks and DVDs can also be created using this AVI file format in order to store initial audio or video information, this AVI file format is most commonly used video format on all short movies, promos and advertisements due to its compression abilities and so on. But the main drawback of this AVI file is, there will be loss of video quality if you try to compress AVI files beyond certain extends. But due to some reasons this AVI files may get corrupted. This is one of the most common problems faced by many users. Also this automated videos and photos gets accidentally corrupted or damaged because of some errors occurrences. In such cases some of these files become inaccessible on some media players, which are saved already. Under such situations you can repair AVI files by using reliable file repair software.avi repairBefore fixing repaired AVI file, let’s see some reasons for AVI file corruption.

  • If any error occurs while converting AVI files to any other file format, then there will be some chances of AVI files being corrupted. If such things happen to AVI files then, there is no manual approach to repair such issues.
  • Using any unreliable or inadequate media players to play AVI files, this causes complete damage to these AVI files.
  • Due to some external attack like virus, spyware or malware. Because of this your AVI files will be infected
  • Due to its high quality, these AVI file has more size.So to reduce the space on drives, people may use some unauthorized software to compress AVI videos. This makes your AVI files to get corrupted.
  • AVI Files also get corrupted, if there is any sudden shut down of your PC while accessing AVI files.

In order to overcome all the above issues, just opt for a promising repair tool to repair AVI files in simple steps.

Some features of this AVI File repair software:

  • This tool repairs corrupted or damaged AVI, DivX and XviD file format which don’t play properly or don’t play at any cost
  • This programmed AVI files can be played on all versions of windows and Mac operating systems
  • This File Repair software never deals with quality of video i.e. the way where AVI video files stays constant even after fixing AVI video files.
  • AVI file repair software successfully repairs damaged or corrupted files which are saved on memory cards, FireWire drives, Pen drives, USB hard drives, External hard drives etc.

By using the trial version of this AVI repair software, you can preview your repaired files. This assists you to analyze the repair tool performance before purchasing it. This application additionally supports devices like Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, USB’s, and so on. Just find how to repair AVI files, download it and introduce to your PC and start using this app to fix all your corrupted AVI files easily.