Innovative Software for Android Recovery

Android is the mostly used mobile Operating System by today’s generation. Android OS is used in various mobile phones like Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax, etc. It consists of many advanced applications which have benefited by android device users. Using android OS, any user can bring entire world to their respective phone. User can create music playlist, capture photos, record videos, access YouTube videos, social media, online messenger, online ticket booking, online shopping, download photos and video clips using browsers and so on by using android based device.

Android OS has many versions and whenever the latest version is released it will provide some advanced features for android device users. At times, there will be updated versions for android application too. However, in spite of stunning features, user may also lose their important files due to phone freeze, abrupt mobile switch off, etc. which makes them worry. So in these situations, user doesn’t need to worry! With the usage of Android Recovery, tool deleted or lost files can be restored back easily.

Let’s see how files are lost from Android phone:

Malware Infection: Malware can affect android phone easily, it can be detached through any files while receiving from virus attacked devices or due to any downloading from untrustworthy sites. In order to solve this issue, user may search for third party application to scan it. After scanning, user may lose important files as a result of malicious virus attack.

Phone Freeze: While receiving any files via Bluetooth or Data Cable, user may encounter sudden freeze of phone which leads to abrupt re-start of phone. In such cases, user may lose the files.

Improper of File Transfer:  When user transfer any kind of files from phone to system or vice-versa. In such case if improper ejection of phone from system may results in file loss.

Abrupt Switching-Off Phone:  While capturing photos or recording videos, abrupt phone switch-off due to low battery can lead to file loss.

Apart from above mentioned data loss scenarios, there are various other reasons like formatting of memory card, accidental deletion of files, mishandling of phone, improper removal of memory card, etc. can also delete or remove files from android phone. By using Android Recovery Tool lost or deleted files can be retrieved back.

Features of Android Recovery Software:

Android Recovery Software is a specially designed tool developed by experts to recover all deleted or misplaced audios, videos, photos and .apk files from android based devices. Files which are lost or deleted from internal or external memory can be scanned and retrieved quickly by using this software. It is used to recover files from various android based devices like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. With this powerful utility, user can preview their retrieved file before storing into any desired folder or location. This software can be performed only on Windows Operating System.

 Precautionary measures to avoid file loss on Android:

  • Avoid capturing photos or recording videos while battery is down.
  • Don’t eject phone while file transferring process is in progress.