Know Some Basics about How to Use Windows Media Player

Windows media player often known as WMP is the media library software developed by Microsoft to serve basic needs of entertainments like listening to audio, watching the videos etc. As I already said it’s media library application which means is the particular location in the media player which stores all entertainment data( same as book library where the numerous amount of books are stored).

Accessing media library is a very easy just click on start button, click on all programs and locate the media player and click on switch to the library. Library has sorted sections like separate section for music, recording, videos etc. There is no need to add files to the library as it is automatically gets added when you open the media through the WMP. If you really liked some media data then you can make a playlist (It’s nothing but grouping of your favorite media).

WMP has great power to organize your media data like media data from different storage location automatically gets scanned and linked into the media library. Take an example, All Music files regardless of their original location get linked in the music section of WMP. As a player library is an integrated with OS database user can’t move library of one computer to another one because it has linked to many media files throughout the whole computer.

Windows media player also be used as the tool to record digital media files to the CD/DVD’s or rip those files from the source destination. User can purchase or rent music from Windows media online store. Windows media player automatically detects the media file when you insert a disk or a USB. It has synchronization feature that sync all media data into the library. Windows media player is like one stop solution or one stop destination to all users who can be entertained by all media files at one particular location. Such media frenzy tool doesn’t need installation as it is default tool comes with all Microsoft OS. There are lots of things still user can do with it. Start using it to explore more functionality.