Memory Recovery from APK files

APK (Android Package File) is the file format used on android operating system to distribute and install application software. Android operating systems are used on mobile phones as well as on tablets. Android phones are not only limited for communication, you can store audio, video and text documents in it. Android operating system cell phones have larger demand in present market because it supports huge range of applications in it. As Android OS are widely used and that are being used in Android so there are more chances of losing your data due to memory card corruption or due to  other reasons.  To recover those lost data you can use APK file recovery tool, using this tool you can recover any type of data from Android phones.

How you can lose data from android phone

Accidental deletion: When you’re deleting some unwanted data from your android phone, you might accidentally delete some important data. By the time you realize it’s very important data, you might have deleted it and you cannot get back those deleted data from android phone.

Virus attack: As Android phone supports huge range of applications through internet, there are more chances of getting infected from virus.  When the android app gets infected from virus it will automatically infect the APK files.

Accidental format: While you’re dealing with settings of your cell phone, you might accidentally press “factory reset” option. Once you press this option, it will clear all your phone data and you can never gain access to those data.

Corrupt memory card: Using the same memory card on different devices might corrupt memory card and might delete all stored data or cannot access those stored data.

Corrupt applications: When you’re downloading some application from Android play store you might not download or installed it properly, this might corrupt your application and you might not be able to access that app.

Features of APK file recovery tool

APK file recovery tool is a GUI app which means Graphical User Interface application; it provides detailed instruction for recovery of data from android. Using this application, anyone with minimum computer skill can easily recover data. This tool will recover audio, video, text documents deleted applications from android phones or tablets such as HTC, Samsung Mobile, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson etc. can be recovered using this software. APK file recovery utility will make full use of powerful and effective algorithm from memory recovery.apk and scans the entire memory of the cell phones and recover the lost audio, videos, text documents and deleted applications.

This effective recovery app can restore APK files from all latest versions of Android operating system including Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Frodo, Éclair, Cupcake and many other available versions. Very important feature of this tool is, you cannot install this software on your android cell phone instead you need to install on your windows pc and connect your android phone and access this tool for recovering lost data. APK file recovery tool can easily support all latest version of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows 8, 7, Vista, etc. You can recover deleted apps from Samsung galaxy S3 using this APK recovery tools.