Prominent App to Remove Android Browser History

Nowadays most of the users use android mobile phones and browse multiple Websites. Generally, Android phone is a device which you share with family and friends. So they can be treasured your activity from the internet browsers. Because, when you open any site by using Web browser, then, it saves URL link in the history. By using browsing history anyone can get the information which sites you have visited on your Android mobile phones. Therefore, there are some steps using which you can clean the browsing history, downloaded history which enhance the internet speed and also for the privacy. Apart from this inbuilt feature, you can also clear the history and cache by using powerful Android History Cleaner application.

It will also help, when your pages are not being loaded and you are trying to open continuously, then, you need to clear the cache and browsing history. Some features are available using which you can manually clear the browsing history from the Android phones. Let’s talk about how to clear browsing history manually

  • Go to Web browser, from the functions select setting
  • After this you need to select the privacy
  • Here tap on the clear browsing data, which clear the complete Web histories

Along with this feature you can also clear the history by going to the privacy setting and hit on the clear data. After doing such thing the internet speed will increases on the Android mobile phones and feel secure from the unwanted access to your activity on internet. If you don’t remove the data history from the Web browser then it may affect on some mobile faction and reduces the accuracy such as given below:

  • Increase the time to open a new web page: Whenever you open Web browser then it takes much more time even you are using faster net connection. It usually because of the history of the Web browser.
  • Take time to open installed application: If you open any application then it will not work properly and shows application stopped.
  • Freezes: Full Web history might be Freezes android system while performing some task

But, the problem is that it’s not possible by the user to clear the history and cache by manually. Even it doesn’t take much time but, sometimes user forgets to clear history from the Android cell phone to increase the internet speed. Here, make use of this application to remove the browsing history form the mobile phone. It will perform such operation timely on Android machine.

It is made with the feature which helps to enhance and optimize the speed of the Android mobile. Once you install this software, then, it will clear junk files, cache and Web browser history from the mobile phones.  Along with this features, this award winning utility has ability to clear Web history on various versions of Windows and Mac Operating system.