Restore Photos from Android after Factory Reset

You may heard about many of the Google Android system. Android is currently one of the most used mobile phone OS used in the mobile phones. Almost all mobile phone make use of this Android OS, so these phones are called android phones. Most popularly Samsung galaxy S3, Note 2, Google Nexus, HTC one, Sony Xperia phones are all Android mobiles. But due to some unfortunate situation you may end up with loss of photos from Android. One such common issue is due to factory reset. Factory reset is a full restore of an electronic device such as mobile phones to its factory settings. This process entails deleting all files stored in the Android device. Factory reset may become essential on Android device which is no longer working. Many of the issues with a hand held device such as freezing can be resolved by performing a factory reset. But while performing this operation you be cautious as it destroys all files stored in the Android device.

What happens when carry out Factory Reset on Android device? Factory reset deletes all the files including photos on your Android phone. It wipes all the files off the internal storage of the device and return it to the default factory settings. It means all person media data like contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music files, documents, and other files on the phone will be erased.

How to restore photos from Android after factory reset? Now it is possible to restore photos from Android after factory reset with the help of the reliable photo recovery Android tool. This program is developed with inbuilt scanning algorithm that scans the entire drive to restore photos from Android after factory reset in few minutes. Hence you can get an ultimate answer on how to recover photos from Android after factory reset with the support of this relevant photo recovery Android application in few mouse clicks.

Some of the common scenarios in which factory reset is done on Android device are explained here: Sometimes if you want to uninstall all apps on the Android device then you may perform factory reset on your Android Smartphone, on some occasion you may accidentally choose factory reset option while fiddling with the functionalities and working of Android device, Due to viruses, the Android device may be factory reset by you, after formatting the Android device, the device will be restored to factory settings, etc.

Other than these factors, you can find other scenarios in which factory reset is done on the Android Smartphone. All the files that are lost after factory reset can be restored using photo recovery Android software.

Some of the important features of photo recovery Android toolkit

Photo recovery Android tool prominently retrieves all type of photo files like CRW, NEF, JPG, PNG, CR2, JPEG, BMP etc. from your Android phone after reset. It performs scanning of both internal memory and external memory to recover lost photos from Android device with utmost ease.

The  “Save Recovery Session” option enables you to save recovery session to avoid rescanning of drive on Android. This photo recovery Android program supports recovery of lost pictures from all brands of Android Smartphone such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Dell, Acer, Micro Max, Sony and so on utmost ease.