Retrieve Files from Android Phone Micro SD Card

A Micro SD card is typically with dimensions of about 2*3 inches, 5*8 centimeters that can collect information in integrated circuits or magnetic strips. A Micro SD card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information like images, mp3, videos and other media files. Generally, they are used in many electronic devices such as digital cameras, mp3 players, Camcorders, gaming console, video player, Android Smartphone’s, etc. One of important feature of Micro SD card is it does not require power to store data.

However, in this technical world nowadays majority of people are using micro SD card in their respective Android gadgets to capture or record memorable movements. But unfortunately do to own mistakes or technical glitches files stored in Android phone micro SD card either gets deleted or lost. Are you the one among those users currently experiencing files loss from Android phone micro SD card? If yes, then you’re most likely wondering how to restore erased files from Android phone micro SD card. But now onwards no need to get fret because with the help of Android phone recovery software you can recover deleted files from Android phone micro SD card with few clicks of mouse.

Some of the common scenarios responsible for deletion of files from Android phone micro SD card are as follows:

  • Accidental Deletion: One of the most common reasons of precious file loss from Android phone micro SD card is unintentional deletion. Many Android users one or other day while deleting unwanted files from micro SD card to make space in order to store other important data, they may by mistakenly select few crucial files and perform delete operation.
  • Cut Paste Operation: While moving files from Android phone micro SD card to desktop \ laptop by making use of cut and paste command, if any sort of interruption occurs like PC turn off, unexpected power surge, sudden removal of card from desktop, etc. In these circumstance those file will get erased.
  • Third Party Utility: Using untrustworthy third party utility to boost up Android phone performance or to carry out other tasks at times results in deletion of important files without any prior notification.
  • Unexpected Formatting Android Phone Micro SD Card: At times you may format the Android phone micro SD card when connected with computer \ laptop instead of formatting unapproachable logical drive, this sort of incidence results in large amount of data loss with in fraction seconds.
  • Abrupt Removing Micro SD Card: Pulling the micro SD card out from Android phone without switching it off causes interruption in the ongoing write/read process, and hence consequences into micro SD card corruption, which in turn finally leads to inaccessible of stored photos, images and other files loss.
  • Virus Intrusion: When harmful virus entered into the Android phone micro SD card, then due to virus infection file system of card may get corrupt or damage resulting you has to format your memory card for further use.

All above mentioned reasons are some very general scenario due to which files on Android phone micro SD card gets deleted. Whatsoever might be the reason don’t get panic at any of such situations because by employing Android phone recovery software you can restore deleted files within matter of minutes depending on its size. This tool efficiently recovers deleted files of following types such as photos (JPG, TIF, GIF, JPEG, etc), videos (AVI, MP4, 3G, MOV, etc), audios (MP3, WAV, etc) and other files from Android phone micro SD card without any difficulty. This software will recover more than 300 files types by searching corrupt Android phone micro SD card on the basis of unique file signature. The software provides you an opportunity to recover a particular type of file and to search for your favorite file from the recovery result. It is compatible on chief versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 8, etc. By making use of this tool you can even restore APK (Application package files) with great ease. It supports deleted files recovery of micro SD card on following Android OS (Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Donut, Froyo, Ginger Bread, Honeycomb, etc) utmost ease.

Helpful Tips:

  • Maintain Android phone micro SD card important files backup on some other external storage device.
  • On regular interval of time scan your Android phone micro SD card with updated antivirus software in order to get clear from virus intrusion.
  • Don’t connect your Android phone micro SD card to virus infected system \ laptop.
  • Make use of safe remove hardware option before ejecting Android phone micro SD from desktop.