Robust Tool for Android Power Manager

Android is one of the recently launched mobile phones which come with superior features like good clarity, display, etc. If you buy a new Android phone, it works fast for long time period. After some days, you can see that its battery power decreases and battery life power becomes the most wearisome issue for you. You have a habit of playing games, listening to songs, browse internet and download apps on Android gadget for a long duration. Thus, these operations consume battery power on Android phone otherwise you need to make it charged repeatedly. To avoid frequent charging of Android phone, it is necessary to manage its power and if you do not know how to manage it then no need to worry.

There are some activities that you have to perform to enhance Android battery life. The activities include changing some default settings and customizing it for better performance and it results in positive result. There are some factors which reduce battery power and after having good control over those factors, it is possible to stop consumption of Android phone’s battery. Setting the phone in ringing mode and vibrating mode to get message and call alerts is the major factor. Avoiding this alert mode as soon as possible can help you to save battery because every time when your phone rings and vibrates the battery power goes down. To avoid wastage of more battery, keep your Android phone in vibration mode only when it is required and check whether haptic feedback option on your phone is marked or not. Keep it uncheck because if you press keys to operate Android phone, it can provide a minor vibration.

Second factor is activating Bluetooth, GPS location locater, Wi-Fi, etc. If you do not deactivate these functions, they can reduce battery power. Similarly, at times you can keep many applications in active notification mode on your Android phone. Notifications are messages from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp which eat more battery after every notification is popped up. Try to turnoff these notifications because these are much favorite to all users who use internet regularly on the phone. Sometimes, you like to set animated wallpapers and screen savers on Android phone so, these are responsible for draining battery power. It is necessary to remove those screen savers and wallpapers to enhance battery life of Android. In case you regularly use apps like Task Killer, Clean Master, etc. never keep them activated for habitually.

There is an inbuilt feature like Power Manager for Android phone to employ and manage battery power. Some of finest power manager apps like Remo More is used to improve power loss situations and use this automated Android phone battery power manager to make your battery stay charged. Further, it can perform Android file recovery to get back lost pictures, audio, video, etc. on all versions of Android phones like Gingerbread, Jellybean, KitKat, etc. It supports all manufacturing brands of Android phones like Samsung, Google Nexus, HTC One, etc.