Simple Guidelines to Repair Corrupt Zip Archive

”I had lot of files in my external hard drive that were exceeding disk space so I made a Zip file for my important files to compress & save space in disk. One day I was transferring some files from external hard drive to system hard drive a sudden power failure happened due to this files got corrupted on my external hard drive including Zip files. I was so worried because those files are very important to me and even I had no back-up copies of them. I need them immediately so anyone can please suggest a way to repair corrupted Zip files?”

Zip file is just a container that contains multiple files in compressed form. Now a day’s it is very popular in compressing files to save disk space or to download, upload and send large size files over the internet. It uses extensions like .Zip or .Zipx and you can extract files from it with the use of any unzip utility program on Windows or Mac OS X computers.

You might have probably encountered the situation as like above mentioned. If so, now you don’t need to worry about your crucial information that is inaccessible with corrupted Zip file. Here you are guided with easy instructions to repair corrupted Zip files. You can easily recover your valuable files from corrupted Zip file by using trusted and efficient software that is repair corrupted Zip. It is considered as one of the easiest way to fix corrupted Zip file on Windows or Mac OS X computers. Following are the some possible scenarios when a Zip file gets corrupt or damage.

Possible cases where Zip file may get corrupted or damaged:

  • Using of unreliable or incompatible utility to unzip the Zipped files may causes corruption, damage to Zip files.
  • The sudden power failure of system that causes the Zip files corruption while extracting it from this case Zip file can get error in CRC matching.
  • Zip files may get corrupted due the attack of third party applications like virus infections.
  • Due to the insufficient of disk space while extracting Zip files on system can leads to corruption or damage of those files.
  • Due to transfer error on system while you are downloading Zip file over internet and these errors may put invalid data into the Zip file.
  • Zip file created with a compression tool which that has problem in successful creation Zip file.

Features of Repair Corrupted Zip tool are:

  • Supports repairing of Zip files that are password protected or encrypted.
  • This tool has capable of repairing the corrupted, damaged or broken Zip files from different storage devices including external HDD, pen drive, memory cards, SSD etc.
  • It is very effective in repairing Zip files which contains various file types like image files, video files, audio files, Word files, power point files, pdf files, application files and game files, etc.
  • It has ability to repair corrupted Zip files within a minute because the availability of speed scanning built-in algorithms.