Solution to Recover Data from SSD Hard Drive

SSD hard drives are the most popular storage medium. There are various brands who manufacture the SSD hard disk such as Transcend, Corsair Force, Samsung, Kingston, etc. This SSD hard disk commonly used to store different formats of data like videos, PPT, documents, audios, PDF, images and more.

SSD hard drive stands for Solid State Disk. It has various features such as faster transfer rate, huge storage capacity, and three layer shock protection system. In solid state drive there is no moving parts have like motor to spin the disk. It takes less power consumption than the standard hard drive because of this there is a decrease in heating of SSD hard drive and helps to increase the lifespan of SSD drive. But, in various circumstances the data may get lost or erased from SSD hard disk.

Reasons behind Data loss from SSD Hard Drive: ssd-sandisk

Virus attack: At certain instances, SSD hard disk drive gets corrupted or damaged due to intrusion of virus/Trojan attacks on PCs/laptop. This may cause lose important data due to corruption and user want to recover SSD hard drive.

Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion generally occurs due to user lack of presence. While erasing unnecessary data from SSD hard drive to free up some space for storing new files, user may unknowingly delete important files thus it erase all files and folders on SSD hard drive.

Interruption during data transfer: Sometimes, while transferring your important files from SSD hard disk to other storage media using “Cut + Paste “. At that time, suddenly PC shut downs due to power failure can be the reasons for losing your valuable data from SSB hard disk drive.

Formatting unintentional: Formatting is the method to wipe all the data from storage devices like SSD hard disk. While formatting OS partition (C drive) to reinstall operating system, user may accidently select other partition example D drive. As a result of this, user might loss all important files from the partition.

Deletion from third party program: Using some reliable third party tool like Antivirus software can cause deletion to your important files, if those files are infected from virus/malware attack. In this circumstances, you file will get deleted from SSD hard drive without any intimation from Antivirus software.

Have you lost/deleted your important files from your SSD hard drive? If yes, then choose a reliable and trustworthy tool like Recover SSD. This software is designed with special algorithm to restore lost files from SSD hard drive in efficient way. You can use this tool to get back lost/erased/missing files from different file systems like FAT16, HFS, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, etc. Within just few click of mouse you can perform data recovery from SSD hard drive easily. To know more about this program in details keep read on this article carefully.

It helps you to retrieve SSD hard drive data using read only mode and this tool doesn’t modify your original file. All the recovered data from SSD drive can be sorted on the basis of types of data like size, name, date and type. It supports restoration of files from various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems such as Windows 8, 7, Mavericks, XP, Mountain Lion, Vista, 2003, Yosemite, etc. You can also recover erased data from various brands such as Seagate, Samsung, SanDisk, Maxtor, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, etc.