Steps to Improve HTC One Battery Life

HTC One SmartPhones are obtainable with quad-core processor which keeps Android battery charged in an apparent screen. These SmartPhones have good features and remarkable protection against scratch, dust, water, etc. In fact, these features need much power. Nevertheless, HTC One Smartphone users complain about their battery life and looking forward to know some steps which help them to save battery. Nowadays, it has become a major problem. In order to improve HTC One battery life, some of the tricks are highlighted in this article, users can follow them.

It is possible to save battery power through optimal use of HTC One phones. In addition to this, there are third party apps available to increase battery life on HTC One. The genuine third party app like Remo More is specially launched to improve battery life on HTC One as well as other Sony Xperia, LG, Motorola, Samsung, etc. It is designed with simple user interface, so that novice users feel compatible while using it. The key feature like real time demo before purchasing this tool enables you to understand its working principle.

Listed below are some tips to increase battery life on HTC One:

Manage Smartphone’s display: The key scenario behind battery life reduction is wide display. Lowering its brightness, leaving the mobile to sleep easily when not in use, use of less animated black and white paper assists you to save consumption of more battery power. If you adjust the brightness of HTC One mobile in low level and set screen time out to shorter time.

Manage wireless connections: It is very important to turnoff wireless connections when it is not in use. Always keep your Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi off after use as it consumes much time. By making GPS satellite settings off, you can avoid some apps from using GPS in background. This phone takes much power when it is in low coverage areas. Check your network signal and network in your mobile network settings. Close the navigation tools like Maps and Location after use.

This tool helps you to maintain battery life regularly. It even helps you to remove unwanted data and manage battery power regularly. It allows you to schedule its operation to enhance battery power without your help. It is compatible with all versions of Android. Furthermore, it increases internet speed on Android phones.