Tool to Repair Damaged Video File

video repair toolsDamn again! That’s what my reaction was when my movie clip stuck in between. Isn`t it occurs to all of us?

Bad quality video, flickering and blurred images are the common symptoms of a damaged video file. This gives unpleasant experience overall and left us annoyed.

There could be many reasons for a disruptive video file and you can diagnose them by using tools. But it is better to have a little background knowledge of video files before you go for video repair tools.

This post is dedicated to enhance a little knowledge about video files and recommended tool for repairing video files.

A video file is collection of images, audio and other data. Video file format contains following information-

  • A container type: All the video files are formulated to store some kind of data which may differ based on the extension type. AVI and QuickTime MOV are two examples of container types.
  • The video and audio signal: This is the actual video and audio data. It contains information’s such as frame size, aspect ratio etc.
  • A Codec: Codec refers to the software that is used to encode and decode the video signal. Video applications use a codec to write the file and to read it. It may be built-in to the program, or installed separately.

Visit here to know more about video file format. However, other than mentioned formats there are some RAW formats also which are used only for high end commercial purpose.

A video file is more prone to any kind of corruption or damage as codec is not yet that much advanced that last for long readability uses. A video file can get damaged because of minor issues, for instance if you left a video file untouched for a long time.

Corrupt video files create problems like audio lagging behind video track, still video, blurred images and many more. These problems might cause due to a physical or logical malfunction.

While physical malfunction are tougher to diagnosed on the other hand logical issues can be fixed with suitable tools.

Bad driver installation, incomplete downloaded video file, malfunctioned video player, damaged or broken video codec, broken or missing header information and virus or Trojan attack might comes under logical issues.

If these issues manage to survive for a long time then complete breakdown of video file is unavoidable. So it is better to get diagnosis tool ASAP.

Here’s a Video file repair software repairs the video file by joining the missing traces. The software scans through the file to determine the possible damages and repairs according to the predetermined strategies. Refer here to know more:

Video Repair Tool is best suited for fix corrupt MP4, MOV, XVID videos etc. This tool repairs audio and video file side by side and gives a smooth and healthy video file.

Video repair tool is efficient enough to repair video files which are corrupted due to CRC errors, missing info in header area, and even broken codec. It can repair latest version of MPEG video files stored on hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, iPods etc. The tool occupies a small area in the free space and comes with lifetime support.