What is the Basic Difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air?

Microsoft newly introduced Windows 10 based Surface Pro 4 tablet which added to its special features like It’s designed for real work in content creation, CAD/CAM and virtually anywhere else you require the full power of a 6th generation Intel i7, i5, Core m3 processor. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is fifty percents faster than MacBook Air which is newly introduced by Apple.Inc. Let’s we discuss about some basic difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air as follows,

Some Difference between Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air:


First of all Surface Pro 4 has a high resolution touch display about 2736 by 1824 which is protected by the advanced Corning Gorilla Glass 4 but the MacBook Air only contains medium resolution non touchable display compared to Microsoft surface (resolution 1440 by 900). The MacBook Air 13-inch is extremely thin and narrowing from 0.11 at the front to 0.68 inches at the back of the system. The Surface Pro 4 is 0.33 inches thick. The open MacBook Air has a width of 12.8 inches and height of 8.94 inches likewise the Surface Pro 4 measures 7.93 inches wide and 11.5 inches high in portrait mode.


The Surface Pro 4 is designed with number of ports which includes a microSD card reader, a USB 3.0 port, and a Mini Display Port. But the MacBook Air 13-inch has only a few ports with SDXC card slot, two USB 3.0 connections and a Thunderbolt 2 port.

Operating System:

MacBook Air 13-inch runs on their Apple company latest OS version named OS X EI Capitan and the Surface Pro 4 run on their respective Windows system named Windows 10 effectively. Both are having same size of Random Access Memory (RAM) about 4GB which helps to increase the processing speed compared to previous models of these products.

Processor Name:

MacBook Air 13 inch contains high speed Intel Core i5-5250U processor. The Surface Pro 4 contains has advanced Intel’s Skylake processing unit with Core M3, i5, i7which is faster than MacBook Air 13 inch.

Storage Capacity:

The Surface Pro 4 has many configurations from the special processors to the storage capacity like 512GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB. The MacBook Air comes in two storage capacity like 256GB and 128GB options.

Graphics Manufacturer:

Both Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and MacBook Air 13 inch are designed with same Intel graphics mechanism.

Battery Rundown:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 contains battery which has 9 hours rundown capacity but MacBook Air has 17 hours battery life which is better than Surface Pro 4 based on battery life.